Let Them Eat Cake!

Eating sweets every now and then is OK, but every day is not good for u and neither is it healthy. There was a time when all I desired was a “cake” lifestyle and I got it and only God knows how sick I am of eating it. The spiritual body craves nutritious sustenance and that is where I am at. I would rather wake up each and every morning operating in my divine purpose and find nutrition, rather than to wake up each morning to a “cake” job than supplies nothing of nutritional value. Caking is another trick of the enemy; not earning a dollar and going through life easy is not healthy and I see why the Lord admonished against it. Where there is no vision the people perish… I have seen the vision, written it and made it plain… I know there is more to life and will continue to proclaim it until I claim it. The enemy thought that I would stop pursuing more if he just kept on feeding me “cake” but once again he has proven to be nothing but a liar… I want all that God has for me, even if it is spinach; it is still good for me#Changing my diet!



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