Bad Blood…

The first thing to go in any relationship albeit business or personal is the communication when the relationship deteriorates and sours.

God is saying that He gives us His Word and by doing so, He is contractually obligated to honor it – In other word – Bound.  God Almighty is bound by one thing and ONE thing only – His Word.  The God who is perfect in all of His ways, has repented from an act of wrath against His creation because one of His creation asked Him to repent.

We have the power to our own deliverance.  The God that can do anything but fail will not go back on His word; however, if you do not know His word to speak back to Him, then your trump card is invalid.

“I’m not speaking to you or I’m not speaking to them”.  The vein of communication has become clogged with a plaque that has built up over time and it will kill you if left untreated; the stent needed to relieve the obstruction and the pressure that promotes healing is Christ Jesus.  He is the pathway between you and God that restores the blood flow of communication.

Have you ever noticed when you are elated and you have joy and peace that you are a tidbit chattier?  You are talkative and more apt to share your good news with a total stranger and anyone who would listen, but it’s even better when you share it with someone that shares in your Joy.

If you’re not careful, Life will catch your tongue. I’m not sure why it is that when we are hurting most, we shut down, we stop talking to everyone – including God.  And God is the one person who we should tell all of our business to.  He is the Word and never runs out of them to bless your life.  Pain rocking your body?  It’ll make you crawl up into a ball and remain in silence but Jesus said to say that, “By His stripes we are healed”.

When Job was attacked in every area of his life, He and his friends sat for seven days straight without uttering a mumbling word, and that entire time, he was left bound to his misery.  It’s not until he opened up and cleared the air with God that God began to also clear the air with him.  If you talk to God, no matter the pain, hurt, trouble or discomfort – He will speak back to you.

When He speaks with you, it’s because He heard you; and when He hears you, you know you will get an answer because the blood of Christ alone makes intercessions for you.

One thing that you don’t want to have between you and God is “Bad Blood”; a beef, bitterness or hostility; either with God or God with you.

A disability, a divorce, blindness or a bad day; are no excuse for you to not seek God.  If you do, then you are cursed and bound to a life of mundane drudgery; because only in God is where all the possibilities lie.

Everyone is equal in God’s sight because everyone gets the same opportunity to trust God and to believe.

He no longer accepts the blood sacrifices of bulls, goats, sheep, pigeons and turtle doves.

God is so awesome that He changes but still remains exactly the same.  He is the same God of both Moses and Joshua, however, with Moses He led by a rod, a form of corporal punishment and correction and Moses and the Children of Israel who were rebellious didn’t make it into the Promised Land, but Joshua was given only God’s Word as guidance, God’s assurance that “As He was with Moses, so shall He be with Him”. And with God’s Word alone both Joshua and the descendants of the Children of Israel entered into the Promised Land.

Moses saw God face-to-face and came-up short of His promise.  Joshua took the Word of God alone and entered into the Promised Land.  God’s Word says, “Jesus saith unto him, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed [are] they that have not seen, and [yet] have believed.”

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