My Spidey Senses Are Tingling, Literally!

David went out and fought Goliath because he knew that it wasn’t his day to die. He fought the giant in faith because he knew that he had only been anointed King, and hadn’t actually been crowned King of Israel (In other words, God’s Promise hadn’t fully manifested itself), therefore, he wouldn’t die on the battlefield that day and he could be confident that what he believed God for would have to come to pass. Sometimes all we have is our belief in what God told us and nothing else. Oftentimes there is nothing left for us to grasp a hold to other than God’s faithfulness – His Word. We trust in knowing that God is faithful; and that is what we cling to in order to keep holding on until He blesses us. It may only be a thin thread, nearly invisible as a spider’s web, but as with most spider’s web, we are walking in it long before we ever saw it appear. God gives us His Word – Literally, because He wants to be taken at His Word – Literally. You may have run out of every reason on why you should not give up and have every excuse on why not to keep pressing; you may very well have to exhaust your bag of tricks of coping before you do as Jacob and grab hold to the Lord until He blesses you!

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