No Time Left On The Clock…

The goodness of God is what drew me and it is the exact thing that continues to draw me even though I may not be where I want to be right now BUT… I know that if HE has been good, is good and will do good again in my life; that is where I draw my strength from. Struggle is meant to drain you – that’s why it s called a struggle; if not it would be called easy. I have been all smiles today though nothing seems to be going the way that I want it to go or even how I would desire for it to be, but I have relegated myself to the fact that God made me a promise that HE would never leave nor forsake me, that HE would bring me to my EXPECTED END – not unexpected; and HE has NOT FAILED ME! Nor will HE. I may have gone through but one thing I know is that I always came out on the other side. There is no loss in God, only gain. We just have to remain in the game until the time clock says 0:00 (that means no time left on the clock) I am here today – There’s still time, so I am trusting God to keep HIS word to me.



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