You Are What You Eat…

Maybe we are what we eat more than we ever thought and we need to change our eating habits, in order to change our way of thinking.

We eat crabs and have a crab-like mentality i.e., bottom dwellers, scavengers, bottom feeders; only eating what others have left behind and dead things.

Let’s start eating lobster and prime rib, maybe then we can start thinking of ourselves as valuable, worthy and joint-heirs of Christ.  You are what you think you are and apparently what you eat!

Keep Pressing!

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New Tongues…

Today, I am speaking in new tongues, no not the tongues that most think about, but Jesus said “New Tongues” and didn’t specify all the types.

There was nothing more I wanted to do today than to complain about coming to work having to face racism and rudeness, but that would have spoken a curse on the blessing that the Lord has provided for me and my family; so I decided to just Thank Him for the provision!

New tongues is choosing to speak that which is not, as though it were.  I am Blessed!

Keep Pressing!

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“First Things First”

Is God your first thought, your go-to person or is he your last resort and an afterthought? How you seek Him is what will determine your going through, as well as your breakthrough and coming out.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness… And all these things (insert what you will here_____) will be added unto you.

Get your thoughts in order. Everything decent and in order.

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Trigger Happy…

There is no such thing as escaping what the Lord says that we must go through. The only route of escape is in Him.

There is only provision and protection by trusting Him, taking Him at His word and being covered by the blood of Jesus Christ– Anything else, and you are just playing Russian Roulette with your chances of surviving this life and living it to it’s fullest.

I refuse to commit suicide and pull the trigger on myself… Someone once told me “The only way to avoid the devil is to stop playing with him”. Some of the best advise I ever received. Put the gun down and stop being so trigger happy.

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It’s Just A Mirage…

The Apostle Paul spoke a lot about “thirsting and “fainting.” And not until last night it really pricked my heart and spirit of what he actually meant. The journey called life will wear you out in general–just by living one day at a time.

However, when you are seeking God, the battlefield takes place in the mind and the weapons against us are not carnal; and it drains you spiritually, and the only life source we have to rely on is our spirit.

So, when our spirit becomes depleted we are treading in a territory that is seeking to destroy us from the inside out. Our spirits become thirty to the point wherein we find ourselves to the point-and-place of death (drowning on dry land) and that is when we return to the fountain of living water, and to the table to commune with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive the Bread of Life.

There are many days when folk just do not want to go on–they can, they just do not want to.  They have lost their will to fight and that is the “fainting” that Paul is talking about. Contending for the faith is a fight to the death and we become weary. It seems that it will be just more of the same and that will a take a toll on anyone sojourning through life, BUT God says that we have hope that it won’t always be as such and we must trust and believe Him and not in what we see.

There are mirages in the desert and they will take a traveler off course because they appear real to a weary soul, but we cannot trust the trickery of the enemy– Life is growing shorter by the day and we do not have time to stop and waste time back-tracking because we got off track for something that wasn’t even real.

“Keep Going!”

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Still Say Yes…

As the 10 lepers went they were healed. I know that as they made their way to the priest they wondered, “How in the world could simply going to show themselves was going to bring about their healing?”  Dot to fail to mention that had they shown up unannounced and still covered with leprosy, they could have been put to death; so more was at stake than their healing (Death could have come from a stoning, the sword or the leprosy itself finally running its course).

All of us could have died from something… A car wreck, disease, drugs, slip-n-fall etc., (You name it and a person has died from it–fluke accidents and all) yet we are still here.

We are walking and don’t have a clue of how we are going to accomplish all that God has said, but we press our way because of the faith we have in Him and not in and of ourselves.

God does the supernatural for those who seek to see Him move in a mighty way. And I have seen Him accomplish things in my life that I have no doubt it was Him and He surely does not need to do anything else in my life, BUT He said that He will do even GREATER! Because I trust Him to do it, I have faith that He is God of the unimaginable and the impossible.

I still say “Yes” Lord… I still say Yes!

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