Plan Ahead…

If you plan on being successful in life – you should plan your success; not that we have any control over where God is taking us or what His purpose is for our lives, but He does give us glimpses into what we can be – if we are in Him.

So, I took a look at success and first ask myself “Why do I want to be successful?” And at first I didn’t have a really good answer other than I no longer wanted to be subjected to working for somebody else and being limited at my movement and progression in life because of a lack of funds and career choices. But, then I realized that’s not a good reason to want success.

Then I thought about how many people who are deemed successful, and wondered why so many fail at it after having received what they thought would make them happy for the rest of their lives. After being dismayed at why I wanted to be successful, I came to the conclusion that it was okay to want success because God said that I could have it and I want everything that God says that I can have.

Success means different things to different people. I can also desire the trappings that come with success as long as I possess those things and not have those things possessing me. I wondered why Satan came at Jesus with a proposition of being successful and how He had to use God’s word against him in order to not bow down and then I wondered what is the “trap” of success, that it can take a person who once pursued after God, to get it and then “it” be the reason why they follow after “it” and no longer after God.

We must fear God in order to possess the success that God says that we are privy to, and be conscious still that is only because of God’s goodness that we are able to experience life in full. My success hinges on whether or not God can trust me now to be faithful with little. Can I love him waiting? Can I love him while hoping for greater? These are character issues that you need to be working out now before the success comes, so that you can know that only in God can you not be consumed by whatever the enemy comes at you with in order to get you to bow.

When you plan on being a success – plan it out before you get it or else it will have you. Practice discipline, practice being kind and good to those who God places in your path that can do nothing for you, so that it will be habitual to you, and so when something comes contrary to what got you into your blessed place, that you recognize it as a distraction and supplant it before it takes root. Your best plan for success is to be prepared for the success. Successful people plan on being successful.

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