Arkham Asylum…

The more that I am on social media, watch the news, read the paper and observe the world around me– I am finding that Gotham City is now Gotham Nation aka USA. We are dealing with all kinds of Jokers, Penguins, Riddlers, Mr. Freeze’s, Bane’s, Cat Women, Poison Ivy and definitely some Two-faced folk. But the number one nemesis to all the Crusader’s was Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s wanted Gotham and the people encompassed in the city to be destroyed (anarchy); at all cost and for no really good reason other than he just didn’t really like them.

We face the same enemy in the devil and he seeks the same end for us. Every time we lock one of these characters away in Arkham Asylum, like abortion, drugs, same sex marriage– here comes a slickster like two-face telling us what we want to hear out of one side, while working against us with the enemy on the other side. Panadora’s box is open and now that the looney’s are free, they will be hard pressed to willingly climb back into the box. Pray for the Nation.


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