It’s Time To Upgrade…

While driving to work I saw a man that I occasionally pass sitting on the bus stop and I thought to myself, “that is how some journey with God.” Buses are better than walking or riding a bike, trains are better than greyhound, rental cars are a bit costlier and we have to pay for fuel, but we get to our destination much sooner. Airplanes will get us the farthest in the shortest amount of time and there are even levels to that– such as coach and first class status.

Then, there are a privileged few who travel by private jets, that come and land when they say so… How would you like to travel in the Lord– plane, train, automobile or even foot or peddle power? Some folk take longer to get where God is leading them because their faith can only go so far and take them so far.

Many, never get off the bus stop. With each upgrade in travel comes an upgrade in faith; to travel the best means possible, also costs a substantial amount more, but with each upgrade the amenities become nicer as well as the destinations– no one gets on a private jet to go across town… people with jets are going places and crossing distances that bus people will never be able to venture to by sheer logistics. Question is: How much are we willing to pay to get to where we want to go?  Isn’t it about time to Upgrade!?

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