In The Year 2000… And You Were Worried About Y2K

Fun Facts:

  • The use of mobile phones continues to grow as mobile phones move from the perceived “Yuppie Device” to an essential consumer product vs. 2017 More than half the world now uses a smartphone; Almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone;More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones.
  • The Euro falls to record low against the US dollar vs. 2017The euro was worth $1.16 on July 25, 2017. It meant that one euro could buy 16 cents more in goods and services than one dollar could. This is higher than the $1.05 it was January 6, 2017. And it’s still low compared to 2014 when it could buy $1.37.
  • Microsoft chairman Bill Gates steps aside as chief executive and promotes company president Steve Ballmer to the position vs. 2017 John Thompson (a black man) is the current Chairman of the software juggernaut.
  • Cuban exile Elián González returns to Cuba following a Supreme Court order vs. 2017 A U.S. embargo barring normal tourism to the Communist-run island, Americans are nonetheless streaming into their Caribbean neighbor in unprecedented numbers via a proliferating variety of legal and not-so-legal means.
  • Tiger Woodsbecome the first golfer since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win 3 majors in a calendar year. He ties the to-par record for the PGA (-18) with Bob May, and wins in a playoff vs. 2017 It’s been a while. Tiger Woods won his 14th major golf title at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines Golf Course on June 16, 2008, on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff against Rocco Mediate after the pair remained knotted after a thrilling 18-hole playoff.
  • President Kim Dae Jung of South Korea meets Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea, for the beginning of the first ever inter-Korea summit, in the northern capital of Pyongyang vs. 2017 Fresh tensions between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have raised fears of a devastating nuclear war between the US and North Korea.
  • Controversial US presidential election that was later resolved in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court Case vs. 2017 Oh, Wait. Maybe It Was Collusion.  Did the Trump campaign collude with Russian agents trying to manipulate the course of the 2016 election? 

    The one thing that you can be sure of is that things will continually change. God, however, is the same yesterday, today and forever – It doesn’t matter what year it is.

What’s more frightening to you now, the Year 2000 or 2017?

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