Super Soul Sunday…

Satan (the stumbling block) has been very successful in his campaign to divide the church by denominations and Mega Church’s vs. the Storefront church’s. He has gotten the minds of the people off of God and lovers of themselves, and in each individual church; now it’s no longer about souls but how big the church and the congregation is or how we can be entertained?  The Church has become a spectacle and no longer a true house of worship.  The salt has lost its savor and the light on the hill has been extinguished.

We are too busy in-fighting among each other rather than fighting the real enemy – Really? Must we make it that easy for him? A house divided against itself can not stand!

How did Oprah reach god-like status in the millions of people’s mind? She gave. All she did was give & people translated that as god-like.
What more does our Father in Heaven have stored up for those who love and seek Him. Church’s of this world have the power to do more and reach more than Oprah, but they are alienating people because they are not honoring God by giving to the poor, the widows and orphans; everyone is out for themselves. Are we really going to let Oprah out do the church?
There is only One Super Soul and His name is Christ Jesus and if we lift Him up, He will do the hard work of drawing the souls to Himself.  He will do greater than entertain you, He will sustain you and bless you down to your soul.
Let’s get back to being about our Father’s business…  And it’s an everyday battle, not only on Sunday.
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