Break Some Eggs!

Putting all of our eggs in one basket is the same as putting God in a compartmentalized carton; and I wonder which is worse; the great big box or a lot of smaller ones?

I ran aground with where I was going because I put God in the box where “I” thought that He had clearly yelled down from heaven and told me to go – and to not depart from the way. Straight as a laser I headed down the path surely He was leading, but I became strict and stringent against anything else that seemed to derail my course, even if it had been the voice of God Himself changing my course of direction. Loosen up is what He is now telling me.

I have been so worried about not breaking any eggs, that I forgot the reason we have eggs in the first place, which is to use them for sustenance and enjoyment for a pleasurable palate. Eggs might take a while to go bad, but like with any other food, if not used by “best if used by date”, our dreams will begin to decay and we will have found ourselves hungry do to no ones fault but our own. Be flexible when it is time to be, and fluid when God calls out a new instruction. Go with the ebbs and tides of the way the Spirit guides.

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