…It’ll Cost You

Shoreline properties cost the most because of the views, the freedom it represents and the endless opportunities those freedoms encompass; be it traveling far or near, cargo being transported to and fro and so on.

Like the cost of shoreline real estate, the same goes for God’s discipleship; it’s costly! Salvation is free, but to be free in God with boundless windfalls (not just including money)– but of the spirit of the Lord– it will cost more than most of are willing to pay without some persuasion.

For me the thought of living at the edge of the continent breaks each and every tether that seeks to hold me bound to a sedimentary life. My God says that I rise above and not settle purposeless beneath. I am as free as an undulated motion of conspicuous ripples and the crashing of breaking waves. My heart is filled with Thanks and Thanksgiving; and a centric decision that permeates all of my being–to follow wherever your tides carry, transport or transplant me to.

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