Still Say Yes…

As the 10 lepers went they were healed. I know that as they made their way to the priest they wondered, “How in the world could simply going to show themselves was going to bring about their healing?”  Dot to fail to mention that had they shown up unannounced and still covered with leprosy, they could have been put to death; so more was at stake than their healing (Death could have come from a stoning, the sword or the leprosy itself finally running its course).

All of us could have died from something… A car wreck, disease, drugs, slip-n-fall etc., (You name it and a person has died from it–fluke accidents and all) yet we are still here.

We are walking and don’t have a clue of how we are going to accomplish all that God has said, but we press our way because of the faith we have in Him and not in and of ourselves.

God does the supernatural for those who seek to see Him move in a mighty way. And I have seen Him accomplish things in my life that I have no doubt it was Him and He surely does not need to do anything else in my life, BUT He said that He will do even GREATER! Because I trust Him to do it, I have faith that He is God of the unimaginable and the impossible.

I still say “Yes” Lord… I still say Yes!

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