Artificial Intelligence… “New Translation of the Bible”

The Bible is both an offence and defense.  We’ve made God common with technology, as David did with the Ark of the Covenant, by placing it on a cart instead of it being carried on the shoulders of the Priests – it causes unnecessary loss of life; that could have easily been prevented, had we stuck to the script.

Learning where scriptures are located creates fertility where faith, hope and expectations can grow; through intimacy the love of our life is created, by time being spent diligently seeking Him by and through His Word – Not by clicking a tab on a device.

God had been gracious to us when He allowed tabs to be placed on the Bible for quick reference to help with navigation; but no work at all in regards to the pursuance of Him for ourselves leaves us barren and unable to reproduce.

The first thing to go when there is an outage is the power source; His Word will remain – Computers and technology will be the first to perish; and what will become of the people who know nothing of a hard copy?

All that plastic covering… Do we want to be impregnated or not? It truly is condom-nation.

I know that God ordained the King James Bible, however, all of these new versions are creating confusion and conflict and no longer a oneness of His people, and God isn’t the author.

I’m not sure if we realize the power of unity as it refers to speaking the same language. Remember the Tower of Babel? All the people were of the same accord and God confused their language or else they would’ve accomplished what they were set out to do.

Another point to make… God in the Heavens said let us make, and all of Heaven agreed and was in accordance with God and it was done.

Now modern day… There was a time when even if we didn’t go to church ourselves, we could quote scripture because everyone spoke the same thing. (Ex. God is good all the time and your response is… “All the time God is good”. God’s Word was universal and recited the same way.

Thumbing the pages of the Bible allow meat to be picked from the bones and that’s how new sermons were birthed organically; and it is the foreplay that exhibits the passion and desire to learn of the one we married.

The Church has lost its potency and become impotent; shooting blanks because of a low sperm count; and has rather, turned effeminate and we wonder why homosexuality has gotten a stronghold.  The Church has always been the precursor to the way the world goes.

The Church is supposed to set the pace, not try and play catch up.

Invitro Fertilization is in the church, for cosmetic reasons, no one wants to alter their appearance or stretch out anything. The only way to have faith is to stretch it out.

Put down those tools of erotica and get back to good old fashioned love making. Get naked in your spirit and don’t use any protection with God and insemination is bound to occur; that is if you’re truly trying to get pregnant.



Tomb Raider…

Tomb of the Gadarenes, I live there; amongst the dead. The “hood” is meant to memorialize dead hopes, dreams and expectations long since forgotten; cutting myself from the incisions of both harsh words and deeds inflicted by my own hands, as well as what I’ve allowed others to speak and to do.

The chains that bound me were placed by others, as well as myself, it was done for generations; supposedly for my our own good – And everytime I broke free, the tomb itself was still a boundary that I found an insurmountable foe.

It’s hard pressed to find anything living; people reside in other areas around town but they’re tending to their own business; commerce has always “trumped” the well-being and personal investment into others; folk will give up on you, cast you aside and out of sight.

In the tombs its silent, nothing but old skeletons that haunt the annals of the mind and tomb stones giving a roll call of those that were, offering no words of comfort, and the silence deafening…

The catacombs of religion, and not a relationship with God causes the underworld to be the only existence that we encounter.

In comes the “Tomb Raider” Jesus Christ, the one who makes our quest for exceeding and abundant life possible to achieve – Both in and outside of the tombs.

To be clothed and in my right mind… It made me follow Him.

He has a resume’ of calling forth the dead and asking that we only loose those that are bound, ask a previous client Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha for reference if needed.

Thus where I come in… Call me Lara Croft, criss-crossing the world via social media in hopes of liberating the minds of others.

“A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead adventure found me. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something; Something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us.”

That something, that great adventure is our walk with Christ and our quest for the Promise Land.



And The Beat Goes On…

Listening for the cadence of God’s heartbeat, so that I follow His lead.

Many of us are marching, but to what beat? Timing is everything and the beat of God’s heart will lead us on the right path, but we have to tune our ears to hear it by listening with our heart.

A heart that beats in tune with God’s is one after His own heart… David gave us his secret, now start marching to the beat.  Jesus is the Drum Major! Follow His lead and Keep Pressing!

If you step out of tune because of a stumble, don’t fret, it happens to the best of choreographers, but God just makes it part of the dance of life. Allow Him to take the lead and He’ll make you look like a professional at this faith walk.


The Land of Oz…

I have started meandering around the yellow brick road to my destiny. Wandering in The Land of Oz, in my past with Scarecrow, Tin-Man and The Cowardly Lion was getting old!

My ruby slippers are on tight and I am off to where God has predestined me to be.  I will arrive right on time!

No Wicked Witches, Wizards, Flying Monkeys, or Twisters are going to hinder my forward progress!

Many of us are living a life in a fairytale state of mind and we have got to come back to reality to realize that without God we are lost!

Where’s Toto? It’s time for us to get up outta here! I’ve been dreaming long enough…


Cheers… I’ll Toast To That!

“Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got”.

Kim Jong Un, Vladimi Putin, Donald Trump, Sam, Norm, Carla, Cliff, Diane, Rebecca, Frasier; and both you and I. People are all the same... We all want to go to a place “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.
God says that one of the benefits of Salvation is that our name would be written in the Book of Life.
That’s where our society has gone; bellying-up to the bar of the watering hole of the cess pool of social media.
Everyone isn’t going to have the rivaled careers of a Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson or Kelsey Grammer; many will live lackluster, unacclaimed lives. Sitcom royalty the likes of “Cheers” come around ever so often.

“Taking a break from all of your worries sure would help a lot”. And some will need a drink from chasing an existence that only knows your name, but nothing of substance about YOU; only the superficial, and you find yourself incarcerated and relegated to only being cheered on in an underground misery. It’s cozy, comfy, familiar, but it only offers company – Not Deliverance to rise above your situation.
Only once or twice a cast member is granted the privilege to ascend to the upper level; that’s the life left written by others. You can write your own reality.
Come to know Salvation in Jesus Christ as Lord, and God says that He will not only call you by name, but all of Heaven rejoices over one sinner. They’re always glad you came…
The only name that we should concern ourselves with being called out is “Jesus”. He is the Living Water from the well that never runs dry.
“I’ll Toast to That!”




As Christians we are so ready to accept the sufferings associated as being a believer of Christ. Why are we always so ready to accept the negative?

It would then seem that our Lords’ word contradicts itself and stirs controversy because His words says that we have Peace, Joy, Grace, Victory and Love that are to abound in our lives.

Gods’ word is true and gives Liberty! Faith and Favor are the bridges that carry us over the troubled waters.

Believe God for His best, even through what appears to be the worse, He is still the Best Buy!

Keep pressing!