Punch Drunk… The Original Heist!

I have been in such a weird place lately, just suspended in some kind of warp dimension of being pushed to my spiritual limits and tested to the point where I could not think to give up on God and His promises; because what else do I have? What else is there to go back to? I ‘ll answer that (no where and nothing).

Maybe the latter church is going through a martyrdom of the spirit wherein the earlier church had to suffer persecution physically– either way, none of else will leave this world unscathed and not having suffered in some way, shape or form for what we proclaim in the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Most Christians are punch-drunk from being beat-down financially, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. MMA fighters have no comparison to what we are battling just from day to do; we are being tossed, thrown, kicked and karate chopped and it is all happening on the inside and we have to walk around bruised and battered but no one can see the scars, so no one is aware of the dire straits we are facing spiritually– But God.

If we are to reign with HIM, then yes we must at times suffer– because therein is where the strength and faith are cultured and the dross is removed as we make our way through the fiery furnace.

Jesus didn’t suffer for us to have a cake-walk through this life but to learn to see God and His sacrifice– Salvation is free– Discipleship cost more than I could afford and that is why Jesus paid the cost. So, as I wait until my appointed time, I take comfort that I really live debt free.

Mayweather and McGregor stole money but Jesus performed The Original Heist.



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