Cheers… I’ll Toast To That!

“Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got”.

Kim Jong Un, Vladimi Putin, Donald Trump, Sam, Norm, Carla, Cliff, Diane, Rebecca, Frasier; and both you and I. People are all the same... We all want to go to a place “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.
God says that one of the benefits of Salvation is that our name would be written in the Book of Life.
That’s where our society has gone; bellying-up to the bar of the watering hole of the cess pool of social media.
Everyone isn’t going to have the rivaled careers of a Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson or Kelsey Grammer; many will live lackluster, unacclaimed lives. Sitcom royalty the likes of “Cheers” come around ever so often.

“Taking a break from all of your worries sure would help a lot”. And some will need a drink from chasing an existence that only knows your name, but nothing of substance about YOU; only the superficial, and you find yourself incarcerated and relegated to only being cheered on in an underground misery. It’s cozy, comfy, familiar, but it only offers company – Not Deliverance to rise above your situation.
Only once or twice a cast member is granted the privilege to ascend to the upper level; that’s the life left written by others. You can write your own reality.
Come to know Salvation in Jesus Christ as Lord, and God says that He will not only call you by name, but all of Heaven rejoices over one sinner. They’re always glad you came…
The only name that we should concern ourselves with being called out is “Jesus”. He is the Living Water from the well that never runs dry.
“I’ll Toast to That!”




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