Wish You Wouldn’t… Wish that is…

I used to “wish”– BUT now I hope. Hope consists of an expectancy that even though in the natural seems a far stretch, if not downright impossible, because it is God’s will that we have hope in HIM, that the impossible becomes possible.

However, wishing has no foundation, no substance in which to attach to. Hope attaches itself to the promises of God and takes root and gives us a base, a sturdiness, an anchor to keep us in the storm, in the waiting, in the process, in the preparation; and gives us an unmovable faith that increases in depth, capacity and strength until we come into that spoken of– expected end.

Be clear on what it is that you are doing. Why wish upon a star when you can hope in the one who created the sun, moon, stars, and all of creation? Speak words of encouragement and of hope and not waste your time wishing for things that can be received from having hope.

For faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Both “wishing” and “hoping” are unseen but only One produces a result.



Wait Watchers…

It’s easier to fight your way because you are preoccupied with your situation, and your time is being sped up because you are being active.

The he HARDEST thing to do is to wait upon the Lord when there is nothing to fight and be inactive about. To know that you have a promise and to wait and see it fulfilled has been the hardest thing for me to endure; yet I will trust HIM.

The unbearable weight that waiting puts on me Lord, I lay it at your feet and this too shall pass and I shall see the salvation of the Lord, but also I will be blessed immensely for having edured the Weight of Waiting…

Let’s join Wait Watchers… pun intended…


Tell It!

Whatever you do, tell God the truth! If you are dealing with unbelief, tell HIM. The first step in dealing with a subject matter is first of all coming clean and being honest. We must give whatever it is over to God, even doubt in the promises of God.

Some are contending with being content but still not satisfied with where God currently has them. Job cursed the day that he was born because he knew that God gives and he takes away and it is his sovereign power to do so. Job also knew that he was not worthy of any of the blessings that he had already received; just as we know that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, yet while we were yet sinners Christ Jesus died for us.

Talk to God so that He can give you the peace you need in order to get past where you are, to get to where you are going.

Keep pressing your way! #anydaynow!

Coping Mechanisms…

There is no epidural when giving birth to the vision that God gives us. It is natural– feeling every contraction of the birthing process; and you will remember the pain; unlike what the old wives tales say about giving birth (and forgetting the pain).

One thing that translates over is having a focal point to concentrate on while we endure. I found that my focal points are recipes. What’s crazy is that I don’t have a passion per se’ for cooking but I have a dream in my heart for a larger home with a great open kitchen with granite counter tops and all the trimmings; and I see myself in the kitchen cooking for my family because I don’t have time to do so the way that I desire currently in my life.

The recipes are supplementary to God’s vision coming into fruition which is the catalyst for HIM receiving the Glory and me being blessed as I’ve envisioned. Ergo, I will continue collecting recipes until I deliver.

Never discount your seemingly crazy focal point that God gives you to cope. As Mary Jesus’s mother told the servants at the first recorded miracle, turning the water into wine. “Whatever He tells you to do–Do It.”

It may have sounded crazy to fill the pots with water in order to produce wine, but their obedience and His mother’s faith that He would bless the situation– Thus a miracle was produced.

We can never pigeon-hole how God will bless our situation. Faith tends to look crazy to those who aren’t being blessed. Call me crazy if you want, but you will learn what Blessed looks like today!



Out of Ammo…

We face obstacles, trials anhd challenges on a daily basis and they all differ from day-to-day for each of us, but the weapon that we choose to fight with must be the same, and consistent; and that weapon is the unchanging Word of God.

God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. So load your weapon with the ammunition of praise and worship, along with your grenades of testimony and start firing until the enemy stops fighting back for that season.
Do not let up on the fusillade of God’s Word because you can never run out of ammo, because you can never not have enough Word to see you through. God’s Word is the one weapon that can’t rust, miss-fire, be lost or stolen. The only thing it can be, is not used in time of need.

God is right by yourside like a holster but you must draw the weapon and pull the trigger and let loose the rounds of Word in order for it work.
Keep Pressing!