The End…

There is a major difference between walking and wandering. If you do not have an end goal in mind then you are simply wandering. If you are only moving, but with no purpose then you are still wandering. Now if you are on-the-move, possibly not knowing fully what God is up to, but you are walking by faith–then you are walking on purpose.

The Israelites wandered around the desert because they deliberately chose not to trust and believe that God would do what he promised–so they wandered until they fell dead. Joshua, Caleb and those descendants of the Israelites instructively walked around the walls of Jericho (obediently), not knowing what God was up to or what would be accomplished. What was accomplished was his Word coming to pass; and they entered into Jericho without having to knock down one wall. When we trust God; he knocks down walls and makes ways out of no ways. God goes before us and clears the way for us to pass through.

You may have sojourned a long ways and are still a wanderlust (sometimes reluctantly), but as long as it is a God-led journey, then it will not leave you wandering or wondering; only to die without having known nor experienced your full potential. At thy Word Lord I will continue to walk out my faith with my trust that you will surely bring me to an expected end.



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