I Thirst.

We think of ourselves more highly than we ought.

Words like “tenacious”, “resilient” or “We The People”; even “marginalized”. We give ourselves far too much credit.

How can you be marginalized when you weren’t in the conversation to begin with? We were nowhere in the margins, there weren’t any; not on the parchment, nor referred to as a “People” – No wonder were so parched and thirsty.

Here’s a some words far more suitable – Blessed and miraculous because there is no other description reminiscent of how we are still here and thriving.

It’s absolutely inexplicable except that the Lord was on our side. How else would you like to offer up an explanation? I’d rather not even try, nor take any glory, praise for honoring God for all, not some, He has done.

“We Are His People” and I’ll be ecstatic the day the we start offering reverence to Him by acting like we belong to Him.

Until we thirst after God and His righteousness were doomed to wander continuously in the wilderness of the bondage of race and subjugation.
He long ago set us free but the “free indeed” comes by way of recognition of who Christ Jesus is. Our jailers think daily of killing themselves because the Lord set us free, the prison doors have been unlocked but were too scared to venture out. The way of escape will have enemies, but God will deliver us.

There was some parchment that was written on long before the Constitution, in fact, that same Constitutional document references it – The Bible. And we’re spoken of affectionately and included throughout, not just marginally thought of as an amendment. Adoption is better, it says I’m apart of the family and have rights, and an inheritance.

Our Father is waiting on us to ask for the help but we’re being stubborn and obstinate to our own detriment.

That same parchment that you carry that says “free slave” doesn’t ensure freedom. And should they rip it up in your face and allow the shreds to billow and cascade down as rain drops; you will surely cry out to the God of your Salvation then; why not subvert that punitive process and start now?

How sad that we die of thirst and “living water” is readily available.




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