Eating Our Words…

The best food for us is that which started initially in seed form and then grew naturally; it’s more healthy for both the body for consumption, digestion, as well as for the environment itself.

Our faith is in that of like manner; starting in seed form and then growing over time. And it is the healthiest for our spiritual body, and just as beneficial for our surrounding environment.

What you speak about your own life, that which you start planting in seed form, and have continually sown, is what you will have to reap from. To know that your harvest or famine lay within your own mouth should cause you to take pause.

Famine comes either spiritually, physically, emotionally or financially; and it’s not an “if”, but rather “when” it will take place. The words you have stored up in your storehouses will either sustain you or you will starve to death.

No one exists solely in the Garden of Eden; eventually everyone gets put out to forage and learn what it is to survive.

Words I’ve spoken years ago are only now cropping up and I’m glad for the planting season that has provided for my family, others, and you the reader of this missive.

I would admonish you that if you haven’t begun to plant words of faith, to start immediately or else you won’t have anything in your mouth to reap from.

You can only eat what’s in your mouth; you can only eat your own words.



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