I’m Usually Faking It.

When did fake become the new authenticity of our society? It permeates every area and it’s so common now, that if we aren’t fake then we aren’t keeping it real.

Fake news, fake conversations, fake convictions, fake rhymes, fake music, fake concerns, fake President, fake justice, fake right’s; fake degrees, fake Universities, fake bags, fakes booties, fake boobies, fake teeth, fake eyebrows, fake hair, fake nails, fake celebrities, fake love and kindness towards one another, fake intelligence, fake relationships and friendships, fake television, fake accusations, fake food, fake desires, fake Churches, fake loyalty, fake praise, fake worship, and worst of all- A fake relationship with God; so you end up with fake deliverance and moreover, a fake Salvation.

The one thing that must be authentic is your faith in God, not usually, but at all times.

Fake is always exposed in comparison to that which is real.



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