You, Me and He…

All of these posts… Hundreds, if not thousands.  All handwritten, but first started off as conversations; and there are countless others, more than a thousand that never made it to my blog or social media pages – countless more that were simply “had” and not documented.

In each conversation I’m either writing and/or addressing either You, Me and He.

Not to be arrogant of past blessings but one accolade that I can say in attribution to myself is that I’ve never had a partner leave me;  not in all of my years of dating and marriage combined.

Like anyone who dated over a period of time, I’ve suffered and endured my fair share of indiscretions on their part.  However none have said I choose them over you, “See ya later – Bye”.

I’m confident that if I get into your head and your bed for a period, I trust that God will reveal what it is that I need to please that partner, so that they have a indelible impression that I was there.

And another reason I  believe is that I keep the relationship interesting; never wanting to not grow into a rut – It’s not all about the the bedroom; everyone loves that which is new, different; surprises and excitement, coupled with passion towards them and their interests – a designers original and them as the muse.

Thus my reasonings for ubiquitous topics.  My relationship with God causes me to not want to give Him the same old tired prayers or praise.  We are in a relationship and I want Him to know that I think of Him in everything in every way.  I’ve never left Him because He got in my head and into the bed of my heart.

The best way to engage your partner is to let them know that they are your world and you want them in every area of your life…  And you do that by communication – A lot of it, and not just when the relationship is on the rocks or headed toward them.

God never sleeps nor slumbers and is always that ear to bend as God, but also  as that best friend.  If your partner isn’t that – your best friend, then the relationship will struggle.  Is God just a god you know? That might help you clear up some of things.



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