By Hook or By Crook…

The vision in Habakkuk 2:2 was God’s vision for the people. Many of us take the wrong perspective when reading this scripture–well I know I have, because I thought that if I wrote my vision that I wanted, made it as plain as I could for God so that He would not misconstrue any of my requests; then I could have what it was that I desired.

Not so! My vision must be aligned with what God has ordained and predestined for me to do in this life and moreover for His Glory. Above all that I desire and perceive for my future, it has finally dawned upon me that I just want to simply be blessed (whatever that entails, I have come to the resolve that I will leave the details up to God). I have said that time-and-time again, but prior to today, however I had secretly embedded stipulations of how I wanted God to bless me.

There has to come a time in our lives when we submit fully to God and take the limitations and criterion off of how “we” think that we should be blessed and wrestle and contend for the faith until we are blessed.

Jacob was heaven-bent on being blessed. At first it was by hook or by crook. Then he was willing to wrestle an Angel all not long and decreed that he wouldn’t allow him to leave until he was simply blessed. His mind was made up. Is yours?



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