Out of Ammo…

We face obstacles, trials anhd challenges on a daily basis and they all differ from day-to-day for each of us, but the weapon that we choose to fight with must be the same, and consistent; and that weapon is the unchanging Word of God.

God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. So load your weapon with the ammunition of praise and worship, along with your grenades of testimony and start firing until the enemy stops fighting back for that season.
Do not let up on the fusillade of God’s Word because you can never run out of ammo, because you can never not have enough Word to see you through. God’s Word is the one weapon that can’t rust, miss-fire, be lost or stolen. The only thing it can be, is not used in time of need.

God is right by yourside like a holster but you must draw the weapon and pull the trigger and let loose the rounds of Word in order for it work.
Keep Pressing!




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