Coping Mechanisms…

There is no epidural when giving birth to the vision that God gives us. It is natural– feeling every contraction of the birthing process; and you will remember the pain; unlike what the old wives tales say about giving birth (and forgetting the pain).

One thing that translates over is having a focal point to concentrate on while we endure. I found that my focal points are recipes. What’s crazy is that I don’t have a passion per se’ for cooking but I have a dream in my heart for a larger home with a great open kitchen with granite counter tops and all the trimmings; and I see myself in the kitchen cooking for my family because I don’t have time to do so the way that I desire currently in my life.

The recipes are supplementary to God’s vision coming into fruition which is the catalyst for HIM receiving the Glory and me being blessed as I’ve envisioned. Ergo, I will continue collecting recipes until I deliver.

Never discount your seemingly crazy focal point that God gives you to cope. As Mary Jesus’s mother told the servants at the first recorded miracle, turning the water into wine. “Whatever He tells you to do–Do It.”

It may have sounded crazy to fill the pots with water in order to produce wine, but their obedience and His mother’s faith that He would bless the situation– Thus a miracle was produced.

We can never pigeon-hole how God will bless our situation. Faith tends to look crazy to those who aren’t being blessed. Call me crazy if you want, but you will learn what Blessed looks like today!




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