Tuesday Morning…

It’s now or never folks. The players in the NFL cannot tow the line for an entire Nation of people; we all must have some skin in the game.

The Bus boycotts inconvenienced those being oppressed, as well as those that were inadvertently affected; as well as those directly culpable in the oppression.

Alright Gay community, it’s your time to attach your wagon to the civil rights movement in a meaningful way, that means life or death, the same that blacks contend with on a daily basis; and not only for a personal choice of a lifestyle.
Or will you disengage from this course of action because it no longer serves your purpose. Because the hardwork of being the vanguard of a movement. You now have your way cleared and now you see that in your best interest to splinter, turn and run. You say it’s the same right? Prove it. The same goes for all the others up under the “minority” umbrella.

The day has come… A Tuesday Morning, November 14, 2017 to take ONE DAY off of work. One day for the cause that WE keep telling players in all sports, and people of color in all fields to sacrifice their time, talent and treasure; and offer it up on the altar; and spew “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. We can’t ask those like @ColinKaepernick, @ShannonSharpe84 or @Stephenasmith or @JemeleHill to put their livelihood and careers in jeopardy and we operate in the shadows of our televisions and social media clandestine accounts.
The greatest form of silent protest and unity could be done in solidarity on this day. One day, to say to all, once and for all, “We are one”. We’ve never allowed them to see what a life could be without us. Every day they’ve been here , we’ve been linked.
If the players can take a knee on the biggest stage and endure criticism up and unto including losing life changing money, then we afford a day.

If you can’t take a day then don’t ask anymore of them. The garrison that was once fortified and strong against us has dissolved.
Faith is better in battle. It’s far less casualties. With such a simple display of unity, we will be more audible than any one
group(ing). Jesus took twelve men. We are the players 12th Man.




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