Been There… Done That…


Just make sure you go all the way… And out your dirty uncles, cousins, dads, brothers, play cousins, step-kin, god-fathers, CURRENT employers, not just post- employment; regardless if they’re the same or opposite sex. Assault is an equal opportunity offender. (Or does that just happen in black circles?) What? Too soon to make it a black/white thing? Never too soon to insert black here —>>> That’s part of the problem, no longer inserted, but simply HERE.

Segregated assault too? DANG?!

Either we go into the crucible at the same time or don’t ask me to fight for or with you, if you can’t do the same in return for me. One must ask the question, “Why now?” Because the last colored woman I saw stand up was Anita Hill and I didn’t see neither blacks or whites stand up for, or with her.

How dare she do that to OUR nigga, one of them Harvey Weinstein but niggah, niggas. Ones with power. Once they’re that high and prominent, the only difference applies to the men; the women are all expendable; or haven’t you noticed?

Your President broke man-code; apparently like Steve Harvey, if you buy it, I’ll sell it to you – I promise. This is How we make America great, right? Break whatever, whoever, whenever; grab whomever, whenever, whenever.
I bet Harvey Weinstein, said “First Steve Harvey, now the freaking President!, they’re making it hot at my spot!”

Now Al Franken is saying that same thing regarding Harvey Weinstein, ” Thanks for airing my unsoiled laundry.” Because that wasn’t no where near a dirty draws incident. I’m not here to judge but lives are hanging in the balance. 15 minutes of fame seekers must be vetted and weeded out.
Only real cases please need apply, because once again lives are hanging in the balance.

Pedophiles and predators have been on the prowl; and stay lurking for prey.

I don’t know of a woman who hasn’t endured assault or harassment at one time in their lives.

Be as quick to stir the hornets nest in your own families, as you would be about another. Again, aren’t we still talking equality? It slices both ways.

We’ve been there and done that, and have the t-shirts and scars to show it.

All I implore is that we inact true change and not inclusiveness via mob-rule, vendettas, witch-hunts, or to be apart of a movement just for the time being.

There is strength in numbers but the numbers need to combine to make a fist or else they’re simply indivisible, single digits.

Let’s show where we’ve been, by going somewhere new.





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