It’s amazing how life and having to walk out our faith will change our priorities. I used to think that dudes, clothes, partying and parlaying were all there was to life, and that life was all cookies and cream.
Then “Life” happened and I realize that I wanted more than just a dude but a husband, and a family, more than clothes but a wardrobe and more than partying and parlaying, but a home and vacations; and I realized that I was unfit to bring those blessing to pass.
I realized that only God gives good and perfect gifts; those kind of gifts that not only bless us but others too.
The moment when we realize that we are nothing without God suredly is an eye-opener!
My eyes are towards the hills from which cometh my help! Where we are looking definitely determines where we are going!
Life is more than Salvation.
Life is the Promise(s) of God.





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