Picky Eaters…

Picky Eaters…

People treat God like His name “Mikey”. That He’s God and He hates everything.

We shove a lot of things in front of God and tell Him to eat it, but He won’t budge; Yes, He’s a bit persnickety when it comes to His diet.

God and Mikey do share one commonality, and that is they each only eat what he wants to eat.

You’d be surprised at how much God would eat, if you fed Him what He likes.

And for God, He only eats His Word. “He likes it, He really likes it!”

You keep asking God to feed you till you want no more, and He’s asking the same of you.

Praise from the fruit of your lips, not another’s. Reciprocity, can you argue with that or those terms?

You say to God, “I’m still hungry.”
God says He’s still hungry too – What else you got?



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