In A Nutshell…

He’s always there. You can’t get away from Him. It’s crazy when you really think about it. In all that empty time we think we are by ourselves; we really aren’t, we’re mulling things over within our spirit.

There He is Again.

When you’re focused and supposedly completely engaged, there He is offering His advice or better, I’m seeking His as I tumble it through my spirit.

There He goes again; airing dirty laundry that humbles us, reminding us that filthy rags are all that we are; without Christ to cleanse us.

There He goes again being Lord.

When you think to yourself this is one of the best moments of my life, and you know there’s a Thank You that’s not big enough to offer, but you try anyway because it consumes your spirit. Thank you’s turn into Praise.

There He goes again with His meddlesome self. What would’ve happened had He not?

There He goes again deserving All the credit!

We’ve all been in that place where this has got to be the worst day of my life! And then we find ourselves having those times come more frequently; and each time He was there, and we didn’t even ask. We were to heartbroken to speak. He said “Don’t worry, I don’t have to speak either, to Bless you. There’s no point showing off. I will always have a Word for your soul”.

Hear comes The Holy Spirit uttering and speaking on my behalf. I don’t know what He’s saying, but it appears to be working – “Keep talking Sir!”.

There He goes again – Showing Himself as God.

We say, “Mind your business”. And He retorts, “I am”.

There He goes, always being Mindful of us.

When you come to think about it – He’s always THERE.

He can’t run out; He’s inexhaustible. How many sermons preached from one book; all the pages from the old to the new, about one guy?

Sunday after Sunday. Day after day. Moment by moment, He just so happens to be there when you need Him?

How is He there for you, because He was there when you called Him; and there for everyone one else to?

That’s why He’s God if you want to finally settle the matter. And there you have it – In A Nutshell.



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