Will & Grace…

If we would only accept His will; He would give us the grace to accept it.

Huh? It makes you scratch your head and say to oneself, “Self, that don’t make any sense, but makes all the sense in the world; and now that just don’t make sense.”

God is so simplistic, but we make it complicated.

Will & Grace are right there living in the same house, enjoying one another’s company, and are BEST friends. If only they could see that the perfect love for each of them, is each other.

Life will have us so confused that we think all we have is an alternative, no longer wanting to marry our Will to His Grace.

A sitcom life is limited, no real depth and only a few go into syndication. God will give us the life of a Motion Picture; extended in both size, time and talents.

Why settle for this world only, it’s nothing but a Golden Globe, when God says that He has a Man who shines brightly, engraved with our name inscribed on it. You’ve already been nominated, you but only need to accept your GREAT REWARD.

We can and continue to try again, to bring back a canceled show, or an episode from our past life.
Who wants to repeat the same life, week after week? Why settle?







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