Married With Children…

We needed to be Married before the children. Having them out of wedlock didn’t suit your taste.

I kept wondering was there something wrong with me, because you only wanted to know what I was thinking; and just hold me.

You wanted to be romanced, you wanted to be courted to, and to get to know one another spiritually; to come to finish one another’s sentences, because that can only come from spending extended amounts of time in each other’s company.

No eloping, you wanted a Church wedding.

We said our “I Do’s” infront of family and strangers, I was so scared as I walked down the aisle towards you.

Neither of us could hardly wait for the Honeymoon.

Finally! Holy Matrimony!

God wants to enjoy the process – The dating, the courtship, the arguments and the disagreements; the making up and the love MAKING. Don’t rob Him of it.

He wants to get to know who He’s marrying for life; and before the bundles of Joy arrive.



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