Doing The Nasty…

That moment when you finally found out the true meaning of “Doing The Nasty”, was a moment that we can never return from; when you learn where babies come from and the detailed information of the process that it takes.

We never see our parents in the same light, our parents reciprocate that emotion; and we dread the day our kids learn how they got here, and we dispair of the day that they come into that knowing for themselves because there’sso much more that comes with it.

It’s actually grown folks business; to get buck naked and lie down with another in the most intimate way to “know” a person – Innocence is lost, but maturity is gained. But more becomes an available opportunity. More pleasure, more pain, added problems and additional responsibility.

God wants to “know” us. And once we do, there’s no more pretending that we don’t “know” what He’s talking about – Once you know, ya just know.

A time comes when we move from knowing to experiential – To know what all the hype was about for our self.

There comes a time when we will have to get naked in the spirit and come to know God for ourselves in the most intimate way; to praise, worship and honor Him, because we know Him.

We have to grow up and know what life is, and where it comes from; and what an eye opening moment it is… We’re drawn to the knowledge of wanting to experience it for ourselves, to experience Him for ourselves.

Without it, without Him, there’s no procreation of LIFE, no fruitfullness.

God knew what it was going to take to procreate, to get naked and nasty, and to get to know Him.



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