The Art of Noises…

Many of us have had the not-so pleasurable moment of being Blind Folded by a loved one, who really in all intent meant to take us somewhere or present us with a gift that was only meant to give us joy. So, why is that once the blind fold covers our eyes, we begin to ponder the idea of whether the loved one really has our best intentions at heart, because if they did, why would they want to presumably place me in harms way by blind-folding me and perhaps causing me to stumble and fall?

At times, being led by God often makes me think that I walking blind-folded and even though I trust Him and I know that He has my best interest at heart, why is that I become anxious when He says to me that I must walk by faith and not by sight? He is to be the lamp to my feet and a light to my path, yet I dread not knowing where it is that He leads me.

If we would only tune out the static of noises around us and concentrate on your voice; our guide, and go where you direct us, we still may bump into the walls or trip over a rug as we meander our way and navigate through the halls of life and up and down the stairs of trials, tribulations and tumult; however, you have taken into account that I will not adhere to each and every direction expeditiously, nor to your exact command because we are indeed human and no one was perfect but you Lord Jesus and that was the reason that you came, to be able to intercede our our behalf at the right hand of the Father – Our Advocate!

Have your ever peeked from up under the blind fold and in doing so, ruined the surprise? Have your ever just became so frustrated to the point where you just snatched it off and said, “enough with this!” Then to find out that you were too hasty and that if you could have only waited patiently just a little while longer you would have received one of the greatest moments of your life but because you were unwilling to wait, a great moment was turned into a not-so great moment.

Great moments do not happen each and every day of our lives and when we have the opportunity to have those moments, we should not allow our frustrations and what we want to have right now, keep us from learning the art of patience.

We also have to be willing to listen to instruction because even though we may have encountered the same tests and trials, because the devil does not have any new tricks, he does have the ability to make them appear as something different, ergo the wiles of the devil. He is the author of confusion and the lie and he did not get those names from not being successful at causing many to stumble and to fall. In fact, God says that he comes to steal, kill and to destroy.

The Lord said simply to us, “Come and Only Believe!” The storms that are going on around us are of no consequence. If the Lord told us to do something, then He has indeed made a way for safe travel to Him – Blind Fold or walking on water. He never warned about the waves, the winds or the possibility of drowning because if He called us, then He is well able to deliver us into our destiny, promise and purpose.

Keep Pressing,




Pull Up A Chair…

Question: Is there such a thing as church infidelity? Can I like more than one Pastor? Can I eat from more than my own Pastor? Why is it we are sometimes made to feel that we are cheating or stepping out on our church, if we decide to visit or simply listen to another Pastor’s CD?

A lot of division within the body is because we are made to feel disloyal should we enjoy a word, a teaching or a change of venue for a time. Even Pastors themselves get burned out and need to hear a word from another man of God to be restored spiritually – yet the parishioners are almost ex-communicated because word got out that you had visited another congregation.

What say you? In my lowly opinion – I would think it better that some Pastor’s join forces and tag team and combine their churches. Everyone has a different teaching style – some are highly skilled teachers, others great orators and then some are great at encouraging and inspiring the walk of believers.

Everyone has something to contribute, but everyone wants to be the H.P.I.C (Head Pastor In Charge). If we are honest with ourselves we will admit that we have been made to feel a certain type of way – unclean, as if we have been sleeping around – When all we have done is eaten from another table.

Isn’t the table God’s? Let’s stop the in-fighting amongst congregations and come together as one body in Christ. A lot more souls are in need– and a beggar telling another beggar about where to find the Bread of Life for their starving souls is why the church was birthed in the first place. Right?

Set a table for others to pull up a chair and share a meal of the Word of God.


You Put My Love On Top!

Just as a husband or wife wants to be appreciated for being that individual person, not just for being a provider or a caretaker, same goes for God. Yes, He loves blessing us but that’s not all what He’s about… Spend some time with Him in His presence and become intimate with Him.
Our hubby’s and wives love being loved on – How much more does the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth…? Have you Thanked God for who He is today, and not just what He has done for you or what He has done in the past for you? Sometimes, He wants to be regarded for being God and our Father.
When we trust in Him as being God, it brings us Peace and a Joy that surpasses our understanding. We can not put our trust in things but we can place all our trust in Him; so just reverence Him for being Lord and Savior.

God just wants us to put our love for Him on-top.

Keep Pressing!


Spoiled Rotten..

The spoils of battle only goes to those who showed up to fight!

No pain-No gain… As David said, “If it cost me nothing, I dont want it, AND use it for my Father?” If it costs you, us, we, , them, me – Nothing, Then it means nothing.

If you are going through, and waiting upon the Lord for deliverance, you will receive double for your trouble; like Job… That is if you want to be Spoiled Rotten.

Keep Pressing!