Fire Drill, In Progress

Fire drills in life seem useless, to keep practicing a drill over again; until the time comes when what you have been practicing is needed, not only to save your life – but others.

None of us like going through the drill, but are thankful we did while trying to make it through the fire.

Keep Pressing!



Know Your Rights!

I have had to pray to the Father for forgiveness, for limiting Him in my mind; that thinking because He had given me the house, the cars, the husband and 2.0 kids that it was the end of my service to Him.

Yes, I had to believe for that, but He blessed me with those things so that I had a secure foundation, so that when it came time to fight, that I would have a sure footing.

Distractions are our worst enemy in warfare because if you are worried about your basic needs, how can you possibly believe for greater?

Now I realize that I am in the fight of my life and that my service has only just begun. I thank Him for the foundation that He secured beneath my feet; and for the weapons of warfare that He has provided me to war against the enemy of my faith,  and against the nefarious influences that battle for my right to be blessed.

You heard me right – it is our right to be blessed and to receive in confident faith that which is our rightful inheritance.

Pray to be equipped first and foremost, so that you are ready when your time for battle arises – that is, if you want what has already been declared yours through Christ Jesus.




Turn Up…

Unprecedented favor Father is what I ask – Favor not seen before by this generation, my contemporaries, nor family or friends.

Turn up the intensity of the furnace until I produce what you have purposed and willed for my life. Thank you for every day that I struggle in my cocoon because I grow in strength and endurance daily, so that when I do finally break-free into the life that you have called me to, I will take flight without any hindrance, obstruction or incapabilities.

My journey will not be encumbered with disabilities because every day that I fight and struggle, it prepares me for the life to come. I wait in anticipation for what you have birthed into my spirit to be made manifest.


Lip Sync Battle…

“Songs in the key of life”, are not are not only the title to a Stevie Wonder Album from back in the 70’s, but it’s just a true statement.

We cannot sing any other song than the one for our own life and when we try and sing another’s tune, we sound off key.

Stevie maybe blind but he can SEE and being blind allowed him to see life in a different perspective.

What’s your perspective? Are you singing in key or lip synching?

Keep Pressing-


The West Wing…

A military parade at the cost of taxpayers, but that’s the least of our worries as a Nation; as how it’s always been in life, money is the least of our concern, nevertheless – Important.

Why does the President have the need to “Stunt”? “Trump that”, is still his M.O., however there is One who he can’t out do and that’s God.

Putting on for show only exacerbates a sign of weakness and stress fractues; it never exhibits a sign of strength. And the day that we do so, we display for the world what we’ve been attempting to keep hidden and away from prying eyes, that we are impotent – We talk big game, but we can’t really bring it.

No one ever told the man who knows everything that we’re supposed to walk quietly and carry a big stick. I know that he doesn’t like to read much, if at all, so I get that he’s not familiarised himself with Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, but he’s a New Yorker and should at least know the Art of the Bluff. Geesh!

How are we allowing a man who claims to love this Country, but takes foreign wives, choose allies of foreign countries over our Democracy; and apparently has self-serving intentions that we can attribute totally to narcissism derived from a dislike of where he came from, derail this Nation in a matter of months?

Whether you like it or not, this Country, flaws and all were based on Christianity and its fundamental values, and when entering into her borders be it, legally or illegally, you knew what she stood for. It’s woven into the tapestry of the flag and Constitutional law; engraved and printed on currency.

There was a Covenant between the inhabitants of this Land, that this Country would be a house of Prayer; and so to demonstrate in the streets, but still up under His Sun, we would be breaking Covenant and stepping onto hallowed ground with sandals on.

We’ve got to draw the line in the sand and not political party lines.

Our protection isn’t in the platoons, nuclear capabilities, nor My Country ‘Tis of Thee lyrics – It has been our total dependence on the God who has kept His Word to us. We had an agreement and we are in breach of contract by making our victories, favor and prosperity credited to “We the People”.

For God and Country… Right?