Good Digestion…?

F.E.A.R. – Failures. Eaten. And. Regurgitated.

Fear is failures that we have already experienced in life. Children are fearless because they haven’t experienced or been through much in life, and their youthful ages.

Fear rises up in the throat. Chew it, swallow it, digest it; and then allow it to pass through your system. It will come in one end and out the other. Get off the pity-pot and continue on in faith.

Eat faith each and every day in order to have a good digestive system. The word cleanses the body of all contaminants. It’s good for you. It’s healthy for spiritual growth.


A Lady’s Hair Is Her Glory…

Like the tightly coiled curls atop my head, they have to be stretched out in order to partake of the natural beauty.

If I allow them to remain matted down, no one can see the potential for beauty that they really are.

When I oil them, they are defined and made profound in each detail and twist of the curl.

It is my glory you see.

As goes my coils, so goes my faith – it must be stretched in order to witness its beauty and growth. A faith that is never stretched, never anointed with oil and is never once and for all defined as trusting in God will never reach its full potential, nor will anyone witness its beauty; and God will never garner His true and deserved Glory.

Yes, it hurts to comb through au natural, but it must be done. Same holds true for my faith – it hurts to be stretched and to find out what lay beneath the veneer of what I say is faith, versus what the substance of my faith is.

In the end, my hair is healthier and as my hair goes, thus goes my faith – Healthy, strong, resilient, free of breakage from damage and ill-neglect.



It’s not the fact that Barak Obama was our first Black President. I am in awe that God answered our prayers (Black folks). And that He heard our cry, even though we as a people don’t know that much of our history before coming to America.

Our God traveled across the oceans with us and saw us through.

He said “Yes we can”, do anything through Christ.

400 years of slavery, umpteen more of discrimination and racism.

Last day of Black History month.

Keep Pressing!