Crazy Faith…

Oftentimes we have to take a glimpse back, not just in our past, but the past of those that preceeded us in order to draw strength before we can continue on forward; we are already walking in blind faith, so what could it hurt?
If you are believing God for something that you have never see done before in your or your familys’ life, then you have to step further out in FAITH.

We know that we can believe God for our bills being paid or getting a house or a car because we see those kinds of blessings manifested all day – everyday.

How many millionaires do you know?
Have you ever been to France or Italy, without having to be there for work in the Armed Services; I am talking about traveling on vacation out of the country? Believing beyond paycheck-to-paycheck.

The Israelites had never seen God move in such a manner until they saw him bring them up out of Egypt, not by might, nor by power or a sword, but by His Spirit and He was faithful to HIS WORD that He would deliver them.

NO blood was shed and they came out wealthy; all because they kept crying out to God, even when it seemed that He may not ever answer.

I encourage you today to believe God past what you already know that He can do and start believing in the unbelievable! It is not faith if you can see it or have already seen it. Keep pressing!



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