A Waste Of Time… A Star Is Born

Billions here now on earth and billions have come and gone… Why?

Many of us,  especially the “Believers” think that God is a waste of time. And I know you’re thinking inwardly “Not me”.

With all that we would like to “think” that we credit God for, we fail miserably.  The Angels in Heaven cry for eternity “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and have been since the beginning and we think that our own individual praises are enough for God.

He’s the same God yesterday,  today and forevermore and He doesn’t change. That being said, He still needs the same Praise. And He created us to praise Him – Right?

If we attempted to praise Him for all He’s done, it would take us all day; so YOU and I take turns and do our level best to contribute where we can, but if WE don’t give it, He’s going to receive it from another.

Don’t waste anymore of God’s Time; He despises waste. Give Him the praise that He rightfully deserves. Our praises should go up to Heaven as a symphony, remixing with the Angelic voices in Heaven as they cry “Holy!”

That’s why we were born.