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Out of Ammo…

We face obstacles, trials anhd challenges on a daily basis and they all differ from day-to-day for each of us, but the weapon that we choose to fight with must be the same, and consistent; and that weapon is the unchanging Word of God.

God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. So load your weapon with the ammunition of praise and worship, along with your grenades of testimony and start firing until the enemy stops fighting back for that season.
Do not let up on the fusillade of God’s Word because you can never run out of ammo, because you can never not have enough Word to see you through. God’s Word is the one weapon that can’t rust, miss-fire, be lost or stolen. The only thing it can be, is not used in time of need.

God is right by yourside like a holster but you must draw the weapon and pull the trigger and let loose the rounds of Word in order for it work.
Keep Pressing!




By Hook or By Crook…

The vision in Habakkuk 2:2 was God’s vision for the people. Many of us take the wrong perspective when reading this scripture–well I know I have, because I thought that if I wrote my vision that I wanted, made it as plain as I could for God so that He would not misconstrue any of my requests; then I could have what it was that I desired.

Not so! My vision must be aligned with what God has ordained and predestined for me to do in this life and moreover for His Glory. Above all that I desire and perceive for my future, it has finally dawned upon me that I just want to simply be blessed (whatever that entails, I have come to the resolve that I will leave the details up to God). I have said that time-and-time again, but prior to today, however I had secretly embedded stipulations of how I wanted God to bless me.

There has to come a time in our lives when we submit fully to God and take the limitations and criterion off of how “we” think that we should be blessed and wrestle and contend for the faith until we are blessed.

Jacob was heaven-bent on being blessed. At first it was by hook or by crook. Then he was willing to wrestle an Angel all not long and decreed that he wouldn’t allow him to leave until he was simply blessed. His mind was made up. Is yours?


You, Me and He…

All of these posts… Hundreds, if not thousands.  All handwritten, but first started off as conversations; and there are countless others, more than a thousand that never made it to my blog or social media pages – countless more that were simply “had” and not documented.

In each conversation I’m either writing and/or addressing either You, Me and He.

Not to be arrogant of past blessings but one accolade that I can say in attribution to myself is that I’ve never had a partner leave me;  not in all of my years of dating and marriage combined.

Like anyone who dated over a period of time, I’ve suffered and endured my fair share of indiscretions on their part.  However none have said I choose them over you, “See ya later – Bye”.

I’m confident that if I get into your head and your bed for a period, I trust that God will reveal what it is that I need to please that partner, so that they have a indelible impression that I was there.

And another reason I  believe is that I keep the relationship interesting; never wanting to not grow into a rut – It’s not all about the the bedroom; everyone loves that which is new, different; surprises and excitement, coupled with passion towards them and their interests – a designers original and them as the muse.

Thus my reasonings for ubiquitous topics.  My relationship with God causes me to not want to give Him the same old tired prayers or praise.  We are in a relationship and I want Him to know that I think of Him in everything in every way.  I’ve never left Him because He got in my head and into the bed of my heart.

The best way to engage your partner is to let them know that they are your world and you want them in every area of your life…  And you do that by communication – A lot of it, and not just when the relationship is on the rocks or headed toward them.

God never sleeps nor slumbers and is always that ear to bend as God, but also  as that best friend.  If your partner isn’t that – your best friend, then the relationship will struggle.  Is God just a god you know? That might help you clear up some of things.


Eating Our Words…

The best food for us is that which started initially in seed form and then grew naturally; it’s more healthy for both the body for consumption, digestion, as well as for the environment itself.

Our faith is in that of like manner; starting in seed form and then growing over time. And it is the healthiest for our spiritual body, and just as beneficial for our surrounding environment.

What you speak about your own life, that which you start planting in seed form, and have continually sown, is what you will have to reap from. To know that your harvest or famine lay within your own mouth should cause you to take pause.

Famine comes either spiritually, physically, emotionally or financially; and it’s not an “if”, but rather “when” it will take place. The words you have stored up in your storehouses will either sustain you or you will starve to death.

No one exists solely in the Garden of Eden; eventually everyone gets put out to forage and learn what it is to survive.

Words I’ve spoken years ago are only now cropping up and I’m glad for the planting season that has provided for my family, others, and you the reader of this missive.

I would admonish you that if you haven’t begun to plant words of faith, to start immediately or else you won’t have anything in your mouth to reap from.

You can only eat what’s in your mouth; you can only eat your own words.


I’m Usually Faking It.

When did fake become the new authenticity of our society? It permeates every area and it’s so common now, that if we aren’t fake then we aren’t keeping it real.

Fake news, fake conversations, fake convictions, fake rhymes, fake music, fake concerns, fake President, fake justice, fake right’s; fake degrees, fake Universities, fake bags, fakes booties, fake boobies, fake teeth, fake eyebrows, fake hair, fake nails, fake celebrities, fake love and kindness towards one another, fake intelligence, fake relationships and friendships, fake television, fake accusations, fake food, fake desires, fake Churches, fake loyalty, fake praise, fake worship, and worst of all- A fake relationship with God; so you end up with fake deliverance and moreover, a fake Salvation.

The one thing that must be authentic is your faith in God, not usually, but at all times.

Fake is always exposed in comparison to that which is real.