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A Woman’s Worth…

Lord you can call me by name or simplistically as– Woman. When your mother asked that you turn the water into wine, your response was “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” (John 2:4)–Nevertheless, the wine was produced. The woman who was caught in the act of adultery and threatened to be stoned to death, you interceded on her behalf and responded, “Woman where are thine accusers?” (John 8:10) Needless to say, she walked away with her life.

There was a woman whose daughter was vexed with an evil spirit and you referred to her as a dog. She pressed you for her miracle despite of what you said in faith, that you could deliver her breakthrough. (Matt 15:28) Nonetheless, your response to her was, “Oh Woman… Great is they faith, be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” I will get what I came all this way in life for– because I am that WOMAN.



Save The Date…

I guess you could say that I’m a “Bus It Baby!”, a student in history of those things in the past that actually worked for the good of black people – Such as the Bus Boycott.

We like to engage as a people in throwback already, so why not toss on that now vintage FUBU, the spirit of FOR US BY US mentality.

As the Centurion asked Jesus to “Speak the Word only.” Can we not do the same? Especially, of those who we’ve given the platform to speak as though they we’re doing so on our behalf.

Neither Martin or Malcolm could have risen to heights in this Nation except for the fact that they had both help and traction from the people. And they used their voices for the greater good of those people.

We’ve been indoctrinated with a false doctrine that “With great power comes great responsibility.”  However, now we’ve given the platform and the power to those who shirk the responsibility, and now say, “I got mine (from you), now get yours from the gristle.

They won’t even speak the word, let alone take action.  And we aren’t asking for money, because money won’t solve our collective problem as a people.  All we want is a level playing field. Ah ha! Therein lies the crux of the issue at hand. How can I be or proclaim myself to be great,  or even go as far to say THE GREATEST, if all things are equal?

Will Smith is going to bunje jump from a helicopter, over the Grand Canyon and could possibly lose his life on his fiftieth birthday; which is indeed his life to lose, rather than speak to his twenty million followers and say, “Don’t show up to work” on such a day. Five words that could be easily echoed by the likes of Drake, Jay Z, Kanye, and Beyonce.  Their followers combined to well over one hundred million; exponentially increased by the spread of those words.

Five little words could mean much to the people who not only support them currently but who help make their voices heard today.

Collaborations are done daily on tracks that speak hollow words – Why not collab for a the benefit of the ones who helped you get there?

No one wants your money, but we do want our own. As went the boycotts to allow you your freedom, why not call for one for our freedom?

We’ll take over from there, and those who don’t, we’ll know then who’s with us or against us. Allow the scabs to go through, we’re about non-violence, but if you don’t “not” work for the cause,  you won’t eat.

This economy has run long enough off the backs of slave labor without reparations or reward. Why not run and touch the pockets economically as they’ve done to us, to get a real seat at the table of negotiations.

The longshoremen, the garbage men, the mailmen, the lawnscapers, the ditch-diggers, journeymen, plumbers, electricians, day labor, fast food workers, cable installers, telemarketers,  salespeople, maids, nannies, caretakers, Wal-mart workers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, bus drivers and riders, housekeepers, CNA’s, Construction and Asphalt workers – (Hint, all the jobs they don’t want; and any and everyone in the workforce just doesn’t show up. Oh yeah… you too NFL, NBA and Tiger Woods and Serena Williams are included.

LA Bron can’t do it by himself and stop being upset with Mike for expanding his.

That’s our biggest challenge, putting the weight of entire race upon the backs of a few.  Once the wedge is in place, we must collectively hammer open the spread of change and not let up until we SEE change for all, not just some and NOT for just a few.

No one else wants or can do the work or entertainment that we as a people provide, why not remind them just why they brought us over here in the first place – THEY NEED US, NOT VICE VERSA.

They can’t fire us if we quit first.

Millions all walking out, on the exact same date would accomplish in less than a week, that of those individual protests would in 40 years, and could easily go unheard of or buried by the media.

“Shiggy good, prosper bad. Me Ape.” If that’s what they think, then Let’s go Apesh@t!

My calendar app is ready to SAVE THE DATE, I just pray that we don’t get stood up at the altar.



I Surrender All…

Sometimes you have to come to yourself and recognize where God has you.

Our heart, mind and spirit have to been open to receive whatever He wants to deposit into us and realize that we have been placed here, set apart from all others to be here on the backside of the mountain and be taught by revelation.

And if you have never been cut off from everything so that you can only hear HIS voice, then you do not know what it is that you are missing.

Yes, it does get hard but when Moses came out, he delivered the children of Israel. When Jesus came out, He defeated Satan. When Jacob came out, he was rich and had the woman he loved. When Paul came out, he wrote many of the books of the New Testament; and when Abraham came out he was the Father of the Nation of Israel, as well as the many nations that sprung forth for his obedience.

What shall become of me? Hmmm….

I cannot wait to see, but I know that in order for me to do so, I must remain here hidden until he says that it is time for me to depart; and that is a hard, jagged pill to swallow sometimes.

But when I look at where he has brought me from and how he has kept me, and how he has led me here and will lead me out…

I Surrender ALL…


Narrow Minded…

Be careful about the time that you spend not only on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and other social media outlets, but in the World WIDE Web as a whole.

Sometimes satan makes his tricks so plain and conspicuous that we miss it. The way of the web is WIDE and can lead to destruction if you are not covered under the blood.

God told us that HIS way was NARROW; meaning we have to also narrow what we let into our spirit, mind, heart, and most importantly our eyes and ears which are the openings to what comes into us.

Tricks of the enemy vary from person-to-person but he is very cunning and the more he can snare, the better; and the Web has a WIDE net in which he can cast.

Bear in mind, tricks are only meant to make you think that you are getting something that you were not expecting or wanted.

Just something to think about while out here on the WWW…

Keep Pressing!



My Role Is ___________.

Women who presume to be the “man” in a gay relationship; or even a heterosexual relationship, tend to look worn and get worn-out because they assume the role that takes them to be once, twice, and three times the woman that comes with ease for a real man.

God hardwired each species to be designed for a certain role, and to bear a certain load. When we step outside of those parameters, it takes a toll on the body and psyche.

Stay in the body that you were both designed and equipped with, to get maximum performance in that role.
Role playing is just that – Playing.

Keep Pressing!