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State Of The Union… Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room.

God was here before America was created. Search out the dreams that God has placed on your heart and stop living for this so-called psueudo American dream.

God has been in the business of blessing folks long before America was even thought about. Lets refocus our priorities on the things of God. I want to see far more than just America; I would like to see every continent that the Father created and be a blessing to people outside of the U.S.A. My dreams travel past the borders of the U.S. of A.

God cannot be bought, therefore the American Dream cannot be purchased. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and the American Dream will surely come to pass.




A Waste Of Time… A Star Is Born

Billions here now on earth and billions have come and gone… Why?

Many of us,  especially the “Believers” think that God is a waste of time. And I know you’re thinking inwardly “Not me”.

With all that we would like to “think” that we credit God for, we fail miserably.  The Angels in Heaven cry for eternity “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and have been since the beginning and we think that our own individual praises are enough for God.

He’s the same God yesterday,  today and forevermore and He doesn’t change. That being said, He still needs the same Praise. And He created us to praise Him – Right?

If we attempted to praise Him for all He’s done, it would take us all day; so YOU and I take turns and do our level best to contribute where we can, but if WE don’t give it, He’s going to receive it from another.

Don’t waste anymore of God’s Time; He despises waste. Give Him the praise that He rightfully deserves. Our praises should go up to Heaven as a symphony, remixing with the Angelic voices in Heaven as they cry “Holy!”

That’s why we were born.



I’ve got too many of my own fish to fry than to worry about what you got stewing down in your life.

I am tucking in my napkin; and my knife and fork are in my hands waiting to feast and dine in the presence of mine enemies, but MORE SO BECAUSE OF THE GRACIOUSNESS OF THE FATHER who invited me to be a guest at HIS table.

Hunger and thirst after God if you want to eat good and be full/filled. #God = Grubbin’



Why do it? Why stop to address the enemy?

You do know or should be well aware by now that nothing happens to you, to me, to we and to us without the approval of THE FATHER.

Therefore with that costly breath you keep taking, don’t waste your time addressing the enemy; instead give your breath back to the one that continues to allow you to breathe – The One who has all POWER!

You’re wasting precious, valuable time speaking to someone who has absolutely no POWER over the outcome of your life. Stop slowing down your progressions; everything concerning you need only to be directed to God.

If you find yourself residing in a place that you don’t desire to be in today, decide that today is “MOVING DAY” and keep on going in Faith, in God. Leave what you don’t want and begin anew.



A Woman’s Worth…

Lord you can call me by name or simplistically as– Woman. When your mother asked that you turn the water into wine, your response was “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” (John 2:4)–Nevertheless, the wine was produced. The woman who was caught in the act of adultery and threatened to be stoned to death, you interceded on her behalf and responded, “Woman where are thine accusers?” (John 8:10) Needless to say, she walked away with her life.

There was a woman whose daughter was vexed with an evil spirit and you referred to her as a dog. She pressed you for her miracle despite of what you said in faith, that you could deliver her breakthrough. (Matt 15:28) Nonetheless, your response to her was, “Oh Woman… Great is they faith, be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” I will get what I came all this way in life for– because I am that WOMAN.