It’s Deeper than Rap… Orgy-gasm – A Kanye West Story…

It’s Deeper than Rap… Orgy-gasm    –    A Kanye West Story…

Porn Stars – We all guilty as charged.  Porn is nothing more than putting your business out in the streets, to be consumed by others in the privacy of their own homes.  No one knows you are looking and that’s how we like it.  Social Media is far more addictive than porn, however, porn was our gateway drug.  That first hit, might not get you, but it’s not in any kind of hurry – it’s very patient.  Going Live, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook – we all want to be exposed for the world to see, but we shame porn-stars for doing it without shame.  We do it for free – they’re at least getting paid for it; society get STD’s while in supposedly monogamous relationships; they’re not just transferred in gay relationships, but in marriages and heterosexual ones as well.

When you watched porn, you tell yourself you are watching the guy or the girl, but what you are really watching is everybody; same as social media – you are watching them – everybody.  If you ever wanted to know why gay isn’t that bad anymore is not because it’s being accepted by more people, it is because you are being conditioned not only with homosexuality but with a freak mentality – down for any and everything, no more moral boundaries.

So, let’s stop the finger-pointing and take a look at the man in the reflection of your television, phone or computer screen.  If you look really closely, while you are watching porn or scrolling your timeline, there is a reflection of you in every graphic detail.

Porn is more than nudity or sexual intercourse; it’s deeper than you think.  On the surface it’s debauchery at its root but it’s deeper than that, deeper than Rap, deeper than you think.  Society has been conditioning the world, working it over and getting it tenderized, massaged and rubbed deep within the meat; a good marinade can make a bad meal palatable.

Kanye West was one of the driving forces behind having Bruce Jenner transitioning into Caitlyn Jenner and into society as we now know it.  He’s down with it and not on the low.

In his recent video “Famous”, he had total creative control.  He took his time with this one and enjoyed every bit of filming and the interaction with the figures, of the likeness of the people whom he cares most about, reveres, admires or respect. He had a visual orgy-gasm, if not, a real one.

Everyone depicted in that video, he could party with, if you get my drift.  Kim isn’t enough to fulfil his fantasy.  What he didn’t realize is that porn is a trap; the fantasy was with both Kim and Ray J.  Kanye admitted himself that he watched Kim and Ray J’s video repeatedly, as that is where his obsession was inseminated.  He doesn’t like Taylor Swift, he loves her.  She’s white, the ultimate fantasy for a black man who doesn’t know his true worth, but let society dictate to him what is good – she cannot do any wrong, no matter how scandalous or how she runs through men. If it’s white, it’s right. He just hasn’t realized that’s what he loves about her; they always run to her rescue and to her defense whenever she is attacked, for some attack worthy mess; but I digress.  I’m not against interracial dating or marriage, I’m against self-hatred of ones heritage.  And to quote him, “We all self-conscious, I’m just the first to admit it.”

We all get foolishness and depraved acts ever-so often across our newsfeeds; some shots of nudity or vulgarity, there no escaping it, I don’t care how much you post pictures about how much you love Jesus.  Those images don’t delete themselves; you have to press the delete button yourself.  God doesn’t delete negativity out of our lives; you have to tell them to go yourself.  We accept pornographic imagery as part of our new-normal because we don’t want to go as far as deleting our account, to many –it is normal.  We are addicted, it’s worldwide and a communicable infectious disease.  We are now all infected.  I’m starting to wonder if social media is the new form of pestilence; it’s killing us, the animals, agriculture, the oceans – All.  When God sends a plague, only those in Goshen, only those in Him have the crisis averted.

Pornography addiction is real and we are all a part of the problem and its solution.



Dispelling the Oprah Myth…

Dispelling the Myth of Oprah…

I like Oprah, I really do… She is a trailblazer in her own right; too many accolades to count on one hand.  Society and our political arena, etc., have us scared to challenge the status quo – we cannot get along unless we agree on every point.  How can we be challenged to grow as a people, if we are all just “yes men”?  Can we agree to disagree and still be supportive of one another?  We don’t like everyone in our own families, how can we expect to be always agreeable with the world?  Is the only stance we have is either you are with me or against me.  I pray that we can learn to cross the political aisle, as well as that great divide that separates us as human beings; with observations, opinions, perspectives and non-judgmental debate from one-to-another.  She gets to say her piece– why can’t I?

For as long as I can remember Oprah being on television, she has been trying to lose weight.  It’s now been close to 30 years and she still hasn’t mastered shedding the pounds.  She is now with Weight Watchers.  If you haven’t been a member of Weight-Watchers before now, why would you join,   because Oprah said so? If a person has been trying to master a thing and it still hasn’t been accomplished in 30 years, apparently, this person is not the master that they think they are – quite opposite – they think themselves more highly than they ought.

Ok.  Stay with me… now that being said…  Why would you go to this same person who tells you they have the answer to your spiritual needs?  Don’t allow that spirit of Roscoe Jenkins (from the movie Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins) “Power of me” to keep you from receiving all that God has for you.

Just because a person “Gives God a shout-out”, doesn’t mean that they serve him whole-heartedly – not perfect, but from a sincere heart…  parenthetically speaking (see Acts 16:16-19).

Super Soul Sunday is what she calls it.  It’s all about the higher power of the universe or believing in one’s self and a lot of other spiritual rhetoric (and I use the word spiritual – loosely).  In a nutshell, she believes that there’s more than one way to get to God, other than Jesus Christ; and I know that He is the only Way, Truth and the Life.  Call me crazy but I think that God has better for me than anything that “I” can do for me.

Now I will give credit where credit is due.  She taught you only one thing and that is how to be a Boss.  How to buy the house you want, to buy the man you want, and so on.  I like seeing her purchase cars for an entire audience but how does that qualify her for entrusting her with your faith, and trust in God Almighty?  Stop allowing the éclat of this world blind you of what’s real in this life.  God is God and besides him stands no other.  She’s raising a formation of women who don’t value the tenants of our faith as Christians to be submissive to our husbands, in fact, she doesn’t want a husband and neither do the women who run in the pack with her.  I’m starting to think that is part of the initiation to enter her inner circle.  She doesn’t want children, only animals; if that’s not what you want for your life, and in fact you want a family in every sense of the word, from what the Word himself says that we are heirs to; then why are you allowing that stinkin’ thinkin’ to infiltrate your psyche.  Come to God believing that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Oprah has indeed done wonderful things and I am sure she has done philanthropic works to rival most in both this country and abroad, but we who trust in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God Jacob, trust neither in might, nor power but by his Spirit.  And if you don’t believe that, you have the same will to choose the same as I; continue on following those who only have the power of wealth and not the power of the his Spirit.

Those are just some of my thoughts… and it made me say hmmm….


Baby Boomers – “A Birth of a New Nation”

Baby Boomers – “A Birth of a New Nation”

Nothing has changed, that is, in regards to the commandment of God to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.  As the Israelites outnumbered the Egyptians in the Land of Goshen; so had the Blacks by the time the Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law.

Nations fear when they cannot control the population of its subservient class.  God always has a master key to unlock closed doors, which had the key thrown away long ago.  In order for slavery to be successful and the boon many perceived it would be, the slaves had to procreate; in doing so, they reproduced on massive scale.  The plan meant to disperse and divide our diaspora, became what it would take for us to Birth a Nation.

God’s Word is eternal.  It doesn’t have a start and end date as with the phrase Baby Boomers was coined (1946-1964).  The NRA was established eight short years after the emancipation of the slaves.  Gun laws then came to the forefront and remained the vanguard of what our country prides most (keep more guns than the blacks) by any means necessary… through incarceration, through charging them with felonies and causing them to lose their right to bear arms; a Constitutional Right that was taken away.  (Question: What does me protecting myself or my family has to do with anything?)

Once again the plan will backfire on those who it was meant to benefit.  Haven’t they learned yet that we serve a God who sits high and looks low?  He delivered us before and when we as a people, come to ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and acknowledge God and repent for chasing after the capitalism of our once captors, and turn our faces back to God and continue to pray; he will then hear from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.  The saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.

Traditional values were turned on its ear when the baby boomers of our current generation came to power.  Some say “rejection or redefinition” of traditional values is what has caused so much of the chaos.  However, I beg to differ and would rather put it in the narrative of “we are now all about traditions”, and not about the relationship between us and The Founding Father, sans the pluralism.  There is only one Father, one Son and one Holy Spirit.

Social change(s) the culture and the thought process of its people, but the people who are rooted in the Lord can stand the test of any change, time or tide.  It’s those of us who are immovable and ever bounded in the work of the Lord, who will have the peace and guidance that will be needed to tread these turbulent times ahead.

1776 vs. 2016 – It’s now come time to Birth a New Nation of believers in Christ Jesus.

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What’s It Worth To You?

What’s It Worth To You?

A country is only as good as its greatest resource.  The reason that Africa is now considered to be a 3rd world country is because its greatest resource – “The Slave Trade” was abolished.  Its greatest riches never came from the natural resources and precious minerals, it came from the people.  They not only raped the women, the people, but they stripped the nation in general and as a whole of the commodity needed most in order to remain sustained – the people.  Black gold isn’t crude oil – It’s the Black people.

How valuable we must be…

In the great country that we live – the mighty U.S. of A!  We see that history once again has repeated itself.  Africa was depleted, and instead of taking over the entire nation; they decided to move and start a new nation, but start off using the greatest commodity known to man – the Black People.  They learned from their mistakes the first time; and instead this time, they got the labor force established first and then trade and commerce.  If you don’t have the workers in-place when it’s time to harvest, the crops will spoil.  If you don’t have enough workers to sow during planting season, you won’t be able to reap.

We are still this country’s golden goose.  We are this country’s everything…  Its workforce (including the penile system/chain gang) that’s currently worth Billions, its entertainment (music and sports), its culture, its source of Ministry, its Gold-Standard.  Who needs Fort Knox when the dollar isn’t worth the paper it’s written on?  Black people are this country’s real net-worth; as long as they have us, they have all that they need.  What can’t we do?  What can’t we bear? What can’t we accomplish? What can’t we inspire?

What they have is the control.  Our power is nothing, if we don’t have control over our own well-being and prosperity.  Sure NBA, NFL, PGA & the ITF – they are paying life changing money.  You still a nigga in their myopic scope.  Question is – Who are you in your own sight? And you will act accordingly to continue receiving wages.  When you look out into the audience of an arena pro-athlete, what do you see – guaranteed more of them than us.  You are playing for their entertainment, just as black-face was for their entertainment, a Gladiator during the Roman Empire or a Court Jester.  Well… at least you get to arrive and come through the front-door, however, you could still be accosted, arrested and apprehended by the boys in blue should your appearance, direct-eye contact or your existence pisses them off.

Know your worth – Know our worth as a people– and then know why you are valued so highly amongst others, but not of ourselves.  King’s heirs are in the greatest danger when the incoming regime takes over.  We both cannot exist as equals; therefore, you must be subservient; in order for us to co-exist.

Self-Worth is a Worthy Thing.


Good Manners…

Good Manners…

Who doesn’t like a well-mannered child or even adult for that matter?  Good manners can bless you in areas where poor manners will tend to keep you at bay; and doors shut.

It’s not that I am deserving at all of any blessing(s) that God bestows upon me, but one thing that I do know, that has brought me a long way in him and that is remembering my good-manners, to say “Please and Thank You.”

God is no different than any one of us when it comes to being well-mannered.  We are his children and the one thing that we should have learned to say first and foremost is, “Please and Thank You”.

Have you ever held a door for a person or allowed them to cut into the line in-front of you; only to not receive a kind “Thank You”, for doing something that you didn’t have to do?  God doesn’t have to do anything for us, but yet he wants to do even more than he’s already done for us; that is, if we remember our manners.

You will have more doors opened and remain open by God holding it open for you to walk in through; and you will receive more of his favor (aka, a cut ahead of the line), if you simply remember your manners.


The More You Know…

You Just Know When You Know…

You just know when you know that you know when “It’s that time…” that time to move-on and to separate and begin to accelerate and ascend to that next level, in the things of God.  It’s both hard and frightening, a damn near paralyzing moment to move, but if we stay here we die – slowly – a miserable death; and what if there is more life after this one…  It’s just time to go already.  Time to leave that job, that relationship, that church, that “uhg” of a nuisance that you couldn’t muster the strength to sever any and all contact with; that is until God introduced the idea of what more really is and will be in him.

God already told us there is, in this life as well as the next; both are found only in him.

First know, and then trust.

the more you know

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