I’m Sick and Tired of This.

It always amazes me what we think that we cannot take, and then find out that we can not only take that which we are dealing with but even that and much more.

That Castor Oil, those hard to swallow pills, the sting of the alcohol or the burn of the rum liquor chased with honey to mask the taste to ease the ache of a sore throat.  That is, until we find ourselves sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Once at that point, we are willing to take anything as long as the pain goes away, as long as we can breathe out of one nostril or the throbbing headache will ebb some.

Get with our Great Physician, God the Father, now and seek routine spiritual checkups and treatments before you find yourself completely bed-ridden.

Thank you Father for always being able to find what I need in you.

Our main ailment is not mainly in the body but the true fight is in our spirit.



Fight ’til the Death – A Flesh Wound…

Both we and our adversary have an expiration date. Our opponent, our opposition and our enemy are well aware of that eminent date, the same as we are regarding our own demise.  Until that day comes, we must “Fight ‘til the Death”.

One thing that we are absolutely sure of is Death, and there is nothing else more certain than that certainty.  We can expect the birth of a child and that child not live past the womb, but one thing that we know beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt is that any child that is born of a woman days are short and full of trouble – not to mention – Dying.

The only one-up in this life that we have on our enemy, not discounting the work of Jesus, is that we have the ability to live before we die.

The ‘Battle Royale’ that we think will be the battle of all battles, isn’t at the end of our lives – It’s in the actual living itself.  If he can steal our joy, peace and faith in God, then he wins.  If we can live our lives in joy, peace and with faith in God, in-spite of all that we go through in this life, then we win.  The battles aren’t even our own, they’re the Lord’s.  All we have to do is fight in the Spirit and our victory is assured.

Don’t die on your battlefield from a flesh-wound.  Our flesh is weak but we can be strong in our spirit.

fight til deathflesh wound

Don’t Waste It – Waste Not, Want Not

Life in and of itself is trying its best to kill us off.  Life in and of itself is hard as it is, all by its lonesome self.  No matter how great life can be, we are fighting a losing battle – we already know that life is going to win.  Death comes to us all.  Our bodies fight against us, our minds are a battleground and just waking up to start another day is often a hell-of-a-feat to accomplish.

Yet, we are told in God’s Word that joy can be had and life can be more abundant.  And the only prerequisite to receiving a life of joy is to believe.

If we have to pray for just living out our earthly days, for strength to get from one moment to the next, and for just the sheer will to exist; then why not believe for it ALL?  All what? All the blessings, promises and expectations that God says is already ours in Christ Jesus.

If you are going to believe – Believe – period.  Easier said than done but… What’s the point of only going half way?

You can be on vacation in a splendid environment, money in both pockets and in the bank, kids playing and skipping around to a happy beat, the spouse isn’t complaining and life can be going as well as it can possibly be, and we find ourselves struggling with what’s next in life or even to rise up out of the bed.

Life is what it is, but life is more than what it is or it seems.  Don’t waste the struggle and not get what you came here for – Don’t waste it!  Waste not – Want not!

God is such a Master Chef that he can take the scraps from our life and make a full-course meal that not only feeds us but we will have enough to share and have leftovers of blessings to live off the remainder of our days.

DONT WASTE ITwaste not want not

Play No Games

I ain’t like them other ni**as… And I ain’t bought to play no games witcha… You know what your problem is? You don’t ever see the Big picture… I want you to take me serious…

But real talk… We got to keep our eyes on the bigger picture which is that our latter days shall be greater than our former days.  The cankerworm, the palmerworm and the locust have had a field day and ravaged various portions of my life, but God said that he would restore those days of my life.

Keep God as the centric portion of your life, hopes and dreams.  The best way to do that is to encourage someone else in him and in-turn; your own life will be blessed.  Give and it shall be given to you is not only speaking monetarily; God is about cycler reciprocity for you and I to be blessed and be a blessing to others.

play no games

Days Of Our Lives

days of our livesdays 2.jpg

Much of our daily frustration is the byproduct of waiting on The Promise of God, while watching the Days of Our Lives enter into the history books, tossed into the sea of forgetfulness – Days that we will never see again.

Our days seemed to be wasted at work, doing favors for others or even going about our normal days of caring for our family and friends.  How are we supposed to find peace and keep our hope alive?

Hope is an action word and it must be put into practice all the days of our lives.  Without all the days of mediocrity, how is faith supposed to flourish?  Therefore, take no thought of the waiting period and just know that God will restore unto those who wait up him those days that appear to be drops in the bucket of life.

Even a bucket can run over…

Sampson’s Strength – The Real M.V.P.

Sampson’s Strength – The Real M.V.P.

Each and every time I start to get down-and-out, out of nowhere something comes over – Well… not just something but the Spirit of the Lord rises up in me like it did Sampson and I am able to accomplish feats that I wouldn’t have been able to tackle had the Lord not been with me.

I don’t know why the Lord keeps pressing the reset button on my life but my goal is to set the high score.  @Stephen Curry showed us last night and over the course of his career that it doesn’t take a giant to defeat another giant.  It takes courage, heart and the Spirit of the Lord to be with us and we can accomplish and set new goals right in the midst of the giants.

What I need is already inside of me, same for you – Thank you Father God for the strength.

Just feeling overwhelmingly Thankful this morning, because I have a God who cares for me…

God is the Real M.V.P. and that’s unanimous!


Chef’s Choice

When we go to a restaurant and order the chicken, we read the ingredients and decide whether or not we want to eat that particular dish.  However, the way that it has been prepared is the Chef’s Choice.

How many variations can a person prepare the yard-bird?  No one can count all the ways… via cookbooks, hand-me-down recipes, blogs, posts (both personally and professionally)and by television programs all geared towards making a new thing out of an oldie but goodie.

Chicken is one of the most basic fowl’s to prepare.  Nevertheless, the meal, no matter the ingredients is still a chicken dish rather it is flambéed, jerked, bar-b-que, fried, stewed, or baked – it’s still chicken.

All that to say this… God is still God no matter how we like to dress him up in our minds.  No matter your taste buds, he can prepare a dish just for you.  That’s the wonderful thing about our God.  When you get tired of it one way, he can prepare and make a new thing out of an old dish.

Taste and see that he is good.  He’ll be whatever you need him to be, whatever you have the taste for!


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