Sit Down


I’ve been working since I was 14 years old (by choice).  And in that time I have had several job changes throughout my years (by choice).  Every time I got “itchy” I thought that a job change would be the scratch needed to settle me down.  However, many who read my post know, and for those who are learning of me for the first time, allow me to enlighten you – it’s what I despise THE most – it’s the thought of 30 years of incarceration on ONE JOB – RETIREMENT!  The word in and of itself sickens me; it’s like waiting 30 years on death row, only to die.  If you going to kill me – get it over already! Don’t drag it out.

Soon after each manufactured shift, the newness of the job would wear off and the reoccurring feeling of hopelessness would reappear like a bad rash left untreated.

The job I currently hold isn’t so bad and had it been any other job, I would have probably shifted already and moved on, but this time, ”I” decided to stay and sit a spell.  Have I wanted to walk out the door and remain gone? Yes, of course, to be honest – since the first day that I walked in it.  It’s a trap, like a zoo.  The surroundings are meant to make you believe that you are somewhere else, your natural habitat, but it’s all manufactured.

It finally dawned on me that God has been trying to rid me of my flightiness and being quick to move on from one thing, person or place – to another.  It’s about learning to stick tough times out that aren’t pleasing to me at the time.  Everything that God allows me to go through won’t always feel pleasurable but I can’t run away from ALL challenges.

As usual, God sprouts many branches from one Vine.  Learning to sit still on a job, has afforded me the stability to stay faithful in my marriage and to other commitments I have committed to in life, both relational and professional.

Being flighty doesn’t mean that you are actually making progress, in fact, it’s on expending the mental and spiritual energy needed to really bring the promises of God to fruition.

God is saying, “Sit Down!”

Sitting still and waiting on God, and being lethargic in your faith are two different scenarios.  If you trust in God, your sitting isn’t in vain.  When it’s time to move, God will spur you on to your next destination; he won’t allow you to miss your exit into the Land of Promise.


Be Honest

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I might not be worthy; matter-of-fact, I know I am not worthy to ask for anything more than I have already received, but I won’t allow that knowledge to keep me from the wisdom of asking God for what I both “want” and “need”.  Why? Because it’s the “asking” that keeps us HONEST!

As the saying goes… Honesty is the best policy”

Jesus said, “We have not because we ask not”.  When we ask, we are saying to God, “I want to believe, but help my unbelief”, and by continually asking, we are continuously being confronted with the truth.  And that truth is that every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, and we leave it up to him how he dispenses it, and rest in knowing that it will bless us when it is all said and done.

It keeps us honest by reminding us each and every time that we ask that it is in God in whom we live, move and have our being.  It keeps us honest by reassuring what we believe – that God does answer prayers and gives us the dreams of our hearts, and brings our minds back to reverence that who he is as the Creator.

Asking is an act of “faith” that God will be God!   And faith is what moves the heart of God on our behalf… So, whatever you do – don’t stop asking the Lord for _______.  Only you can fill in that blank.  Never leave the space blank for very long.  If you keep on asking, you will keep on believing and if you keep on believing, you will undoubltly keep on receiving.  Just being honest!

Hall of Fame

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame is more than just being a Perennial Pro-Bowl attendee or All-Pro player.  It indicates that you were more than just a role player and you are being recognized for your commitment and achievements to the game itself.

Role players far exceed those going into the Hall of Fame, but the Hall of Fame outlasts the players and the days on a team.

Our time spent in and with God will far exceed and outlast our days here on this Earth; however, I don’t just want to be a Christian Role-Player.  I want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of believers like those in Hebrews 11.

Being a Christian isn’t a game, but it is to be SERIOUSLY!  I don’t want to leave anything on the field of play called – LIFE.  LEGACY – L.E.G.A.C.Y. –  LEAVING.  EVERYTHING.  GOOD.  AND.  COGENT.  YEA!


Get Used To It!

To quote something that my husband always says regarding things we see in the media that we can’t believe is taking place; such as Trayvon Martin or Sandra Bland cases.  “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes”? We see the injustices right there LIVE and IN HD (not just in color), so it’s clear and shut case – or so we assumed – and no charges are brought.  WE KNOW THE TRUTH, regardless of the blatant injustice.   The world says that to trust God is foolish – blatant disrespect to the word of God.

It’s the same thing that God is asking us, “Are you going to believe me”?  We already know that the “just shall live by faith”, and that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen”.  Faith cannot be seen by natural eyes, so why then do we find it so hard to believe God and to take him at his Word?  WE KNOW THE TRUTH – GOD IS TRUTH AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS A LIE THAT COMES AGAINST HIS WORD.  He told us to trust, to believe and we would see his hand in our favor.  Therefore, “I believe”.

Why is it so easy to believe that a situation will never change for the better, than to believe that God will cause all things to work out for our good?  We want his blessings, but seemingly appear to be shocked when he does what we asked him for – INSTEAD of standing sure-footed on his word.  We’re taken aback, and instead of getting used to him being as good as we “say” he is, we find it hard to trust and believe, when it comes to standing still and seeing the salvation of the Lord.  Faith is an action word and ONLY God knows whether we are truly standing or cowardly crouching.

God is probably shaking his head in dismay toward us and saying, “Get used to it!”

One thing that he didn’t say was to take him and his blessings for granted.  There is a difference between being taken for granted and being counted on to keep your word.  Anyone in a relationship will tell you that they don’t want to be taken for granted, but that same person will tell you that they like being counted on and trusted while in that relationship.

When it comes to being relational, God is like us, or rather – we are like him.  God wants to be appreciated, but never second-guessed about his intentions towards us.  He’s saying that we must FIND a way to keep trusting regardless of the situation – for him to be

Unshackled Freedom…

I don t know… I guess I felt like doing a little thinking this morning.  And I was just pondering the idea of why Obama might have become the first black President.  Perhaps it could’ve been the fact that he never grew up with the inherited burden that most blacks have to learn to grapple with – Where do we hail from?  From the time Obama was birthed, he knew who he was and where he came from.  He was able to trace his lineage.  His dad was right off the boat, so he knew where the boat carried him from – exactly where he/his people came from.  Not the normal hang-ups that you and I have learned to digest forcibly like a child forced to eat spinach.  As like with spinach, and yeah it’s good for you.  Learning that we are descendants of slavery is as hard to swallow as spinach – but it’s good to know, although still hard to get it to go down – regardless of all the benefits.

Obama had the normal issues of growing up as many of us do, quite possibly 99 problems, but knowing who he was wasn’t one of them.  Not the normal licking of Civil War wounds, fears, frustrations, and the collective baggage that comes with growing up Black in America.

He was free to use and open his mind to other possibilities and not have the insurmountable hurdle that many can’t get around or over – being Black!  We run up to the hurdles of being black and just don t know how to attack it.  A hurdle is what it is… something impeding your way and there is only one legal way to topple it – face it head on.

He has never been the typical NEGRO OR NIGGER/NIGGA.   He wasn’t imbued from conception with the bad habit of “stinking thinking”.  I cannot help but to wonder if that is what helped him to get into office in the first place.  Even the run of the mill Klu Klux Klansman knew that they couldn’t hold that platitude over Obama’s head.  He could dodge that bullet every time.  How wonderful that must be to not be a Nigger and not ever have to quibble about whether you should or should not put on that title – whether it is a Nigger or Nigga – Either way – you are still associated and identify as such.  The memory of being a Nigger is a shackle that has to be broken mentally.

So, when I see Obama get his pimp walk on and don’t have a nigga care in the world, I can’t help but to attribute that confidence and fleetness of foot as he jaunts down the stairs of Air Force One; I think to myself that he is one of, if not the blackest man I know.

I pray to one day as a people that we find ourselves to know that type of (1)

Special Diet

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Remember in the movie the “Best Man” and Lance finally figured out what Mia and Harper had done?  The only thing that saved the wedding was when Harper reminded Lance of a declaration that he had once made… “That he had done so much dirt that if he ever found out that Mia had cheated, he would forgive her and not ever mention to her that he knew or allow it to change their relationship”.

God only eats one thing; he is on a special diet – His Word!  We can cry our eyes out; over-eat, or don’t eat at all.  We can pump our fist to the sky in anger and frustration or fall out prostrate on the floor in despair of being at our wits-end from the perils of life.  All that can get God’s attention, but once we get God’s attention – What then?  We then do the only thing that moves the hand of God on our behalf – it’s sort of beating God at this own game, although the game is that of life and death – the difference between living and existing!

God cannot lie, fib, or even tell a white-lie.  God’s word is so true that he can only swear by himself since there is no other power for him to swear by.  His word is his word, and his word shall be the only thing left remaining after the heavens and earth pass away.

Thusly, God has to honor his word regarding those who choose to stand on his word and speak it back to him.  Speaking God’s word shows reverence, praise of who he is, gives him glory and honor as being God, and that you take his word, and his alone as having the last say (word), over what is said over your life and the narrative of your story.

I didn’t realize the power of his word until the other day when I was having an issue, and in mentioning the issue to some friends, they reminded me of what I had said, just a day or so ago.  I couldn’t do anything but accept what I had said; and God released the revelation to me of that’s how he is about his own word.

The only way to speak God’s word back to him, is to first learn his word by getting to know him more by reading his word, devotional prayer and church attendance.  Faith comes by “hearing” the word of God; and without faith “it is impossible to please God”.

Just sick of it!

The hardest thing in the world to ME is to see that “thing” in my spirit and having to not only keep up my hopes but the hopes of others, so that they can be believers, receivers and partakers as well, because I not only believe to be blessed alone but to be a blessing to others. We can t make anyone believe for us or even with us – but we must believe for OURSELVES. ‪#‎ItGet‬‘sHardSometimes – Nevertheless “I Believe!” If you don’t – who will?

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