Sampson’s Strength – The Real M.V.P.

Sampson’s Strength – The Real M.V.P.

Each and every time I start to get down-and-out, out of nowhere something comes over – Well… not just something but the Spirit of the Lord rises up in me like it did Sampson and I am able to accomplish feats that I wouldn’t have been able to tackle had the Lord not been with me.

I don’t know why the Lord keeps pressing the reset button on my life but my goal is to set the high score.  @Stephen Curry showed us last night and over the course of his career that it doesn’t take a giant to defeat another giant.  It takes courage, heart and the Spirit of the Lord to be with us and we can accomplish and set new goals right in the midst of the giants.

What I need is already inside of me, same for you – Thank you Father God for the strength.

Just feeling overwhelmingly Thankful this morning, because I have a God who cares for me…

God is the Real M.V.P. and that’s unanimous!



Chef’s Choice

When we go to a restaurant and order the chicken, we read the ingredients and decide whether or not we want to eat that particular dish.  However, the way that it has been prepared is the Chef’s Choice.

How many variations can a person prepare the yard-bird?  No one can count all the ways… via cookbooks, hand-me-down recipes, blogs, posts (both personally and professionally)and by television programs all geared towards making a new thing out of an oldie but goodie.

Chicken is one of the most basic fowl’s to prepare.  Nevertheless, the meal, no matter the ingredients is still a chicken dish rather it is flambéed, jerked, bar-b-que, fried, stewed, or baked – it’s still chicken.

All that to say this… God is still God no matter how we like to dress him up in our minds.  No matter your taste buds, he can prepare a dish just for you.  That’s the wonderful thing about our God.  When you get tired of it one way, he can prepare and make a new thing out of an old dish.

Taste and see that he is good.  He’ll be whatever you need him to be, whatever you have the taste for!


Chitlin’ Circuit

Why do we tend to continue on with a way of life or a way of thinking, when God has moved on to bigger and better things?

One thing I never learned how to do nor did I ever care to learn is how to clean a chitterling aka chitlin’.   It’s not that I haven’t eaten them, in fact, I enjoy them thoroughly when I do; but I never had intentions on eating them regularly.  They are good for the Holidays and special occasions but my palate never quite got around to capitulating to those type(s) of cuisine – such as the likings of “innards” or “entrails” e.g. livers, gizzards, and the aforementioned chitterlings. 

I never quite got both of my feet off of the platform, because I have dangled off the side-rails of the ‘Chitlin’ Circuit” because it is a part of my heritage, but so is the blight of slavery and that sour taste has never left the mouths of our ancestors and neither has it left ours.  No one wants to return to slavery, so why should we return to or rather continue on in those same degrading traditions.  Homage you say?  We can honor the memories of those that went the hard way before us in other ways other than eating the discarded entrails that weren’t fit to be eaten by animals, let alone a slave coming in from a hard day of sun-up to sun-down torment – not work ­– because to call it work, meant that someone was getting paid.

God offers us a better choice and I want it! For a slave living on dirt floors, wearing rags and going barefoot most of the time, innards will sustain you and fill your belly.  As the old folks like to put it, “A belly-full is a belly full”.  And was the pigs slop would have been sustenance enough for the Prodigal Son, but he came to himself and realized that in his Father’s house the servants had enough and then some to spare.

Many who came before us traveled and performed on the proverbial ‘Chitlin Circuit’, artist we even know of today who are prominent in business, such as @TylerPerry.  However, just because we start off that way doesn’t mean that we have to stay that same course.  Tyler Perry could have remained doing small venues but he realized that he didn’t have to remain where he was in order to remain relevant or to “keep it real”.

If I never ate another chitlin’, it wouldn’t be the death of me; I instead would make the case that continuing to eat them may very well be the death of me.

The God that I serve is more than enough; darn sure he’s more than chitlins’.

chitlin circuit

Drought… No Rain, Much Pain

A drought can last a lifetime, if we are not careful to seek God.  Because God is the one who sends the rain in our life; metaphorically speaking.  Rain can be a good or an undesirable thing; especially if it too much comes too soon.  Why does it seem that others have a lush and verdant life full of blessings while others live a life devoid of simple comforts and trappings – only God knows the true answer to that question?

A lack of rain in comparison to a lack of our needs being met… No need to mince words – A drought is a drought!  Droughts occur from time-to-time throughout our lives but I also know that prayer changes things – Yes, even the atmosphere itself.

Our prayers sometimes appear to have gone unheard but God hears all and knows all, in fact, he knows what we stand in need of before we even know to ask.  He is God of the drought, the same as he is the God of our plenteous, bountiful and overflowing blessings.  Trust him in all things – even when lack is devastating and seemingly will outlast your supply.

God can bless you through anything, anyone and by any means he deems necessary and providentially to his Glory.  Pray for rain while in your drought, while waiting on God to release the rain in your life; and if he doesn’t – keep on praying.  Our praying may appear to be in vain but that one small dark cloud off in the distance may not look like much, it can bring torrential storms of blessing that will literally sweep you right off of your feet.



You feel it to, don’t you?  Its right there – always has been, stuck in your craw.  Or perhaps yours is like mine, a thorn as Paul said, “In your side”.  I carry it with me every freakin’ where I go! I cannot shake it and it finally dawned on me that maybe I’m not supposed to – maybe it was sent to buffet me, to keep me aligned with my purpose.

It’s that ONE!  That one day that keeps being put afar off, that one opportunity that is needed to put me into position to walk into my destiny.  That one connection with the right person, that one idea that will catapult me into my promise, that one stroke of genius that will bring the ingenuity that will change the world. That ONE SPARK!

Maybe it was that One Spark that ignited the night to burst and break away from the day that sounded like a Big Bang.  To hear God speak one utterance I am sure is world changing- we are still being blessed by his Word that spoken before time began its berth.

I feel it over me like a shadowy Grim Reaper that is waiting to either take my life or bless me abundantly with it.  I know it’s there, but I feel as though I am surrounded by thick heavy curtains and I just want to snatch them all down, one-by-one from their rings and scream, “Where is it”?  And state emphatically that “I know it’s here”!

Then when my frustration sets in at its worst, God reminds me that when Jesus went to the cross, it was all finished; the veil of the temple torn into two.  The curtain that I most needed to be concerned with has already been torn down and if I want to receive what’s behind the curtain, all I need is to look to Jesus to reveal it in his due time and season.

The odds were against us and have been since the day that we entered into this world into sin and shaped in iniquity.  But, I also know that before the foundations of the Earth, the lamb was slain for those sins.  Everything needed was done from the beginning, intended for my expected end.

I defy the odds, like my hair defies gravity – It’s a Natural Occurrence that cannot be explained – neither can the blessings of God.

Coinkydink? Naw… There are no such missteps in the plan of God. 

For Verification Purposes Only

For Verification Purposes Only

When God asked us a question, trust and believe that he already knows the answer; it’s for us – Not Him. In the story of the blind men following behind Jesus repeatedly asking, “Son of David have Mercy on Us”, sounds a lot like me, you and everybody else that I know. We know what it is that we want but it seems impossible to have; and then to add insult-to-injury, much of the time it’s as though God is iggin’ the heck out of us! (Matthew 9:28)
Blindness must be a prerequisite of faith or at least a first cousin because it strikes most who are on a faith-journey to the Land of Promise that God has placed in each of our hearts; not one hope alike, like a fingerprint – What’s for you is for you and what’s for me is for me.
The blind men cried out – but nothing changed – He answered them not a word. Sound familiar? You keep asking God what now? Which way to turn? Do you even hear me? And he answers us not a word.
God reiterates to us over-and-over again that we walk by faith and not by sight, so why then do we continue to look down at the pitfalls and not up to him?
When Jesus gets good and ready, he will turn to us and ask us the same question he posed to the blind men, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” and when he does, will you give a snarky retort for being made to wait or will you be able to reply, “Yes Lord”?
We must continue to believe although the vision may still be unclear and tarrying.


It’s Madness I Tell Ya!


It’s Madness I Tell Ya!

Have you ever asked yourself the rhetorically doom-filled question of: How can I continue to hold on Lord, to the promise(s)?  Then turn around and have to answer that same question by saying: How can I not continue to hold on?  How did I ever allow myself to get to the point where I am even considering letting go at all? Am I actually saying that I want to give up?  God forbid!

It’s sort of like a ripple-effect after a pebble skips into the lake.  One small action, one thought can be allowed to enter in that has an adverse reaction, that continues on… and on… and on.

Be carefully aware of what you allow to enter in into your body-of-work (your spirit), that can have a devastating effect.  It seems almost insane to ask questions of ourselves that we already know the answers to, but sometimes it’s also good to ask the hard questions of yourself in order to know where you really stand, because what’s the use of lying to yourself?

The only thing that roots out doubt is FAITH.  In all actuality, it’s not us but his SPIRIT working on the inside of us that allows us to go on in the first place.

When in doubt – work it out!  That is your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God that works in you both to will and do his good pleasure.

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