Soap Box Rant

I’m on my soapbox and I won’t climb down until I have gotten what is on my chest OFF! Psssst… Nigga’s, Nigger’s, Negroes, Black folk, African American and Brown folk… You can take offense but you are what you are, because we have never corrected the behavior and pathology that will forever eradicate the stigma. They say, “one drop makes you one of us”, so if you are any ways relatable to our plight as a people – please hear me! We have not yet overcome and neither have we accomplished all that our forefather’s originally set out to do. So why is that we have settled or taken a false sense of comfort ability; and a back-seat to our own growth as a people? Better yet – why have we allowed the gay movements hitch itself to our Civil Rights? Have you ever wondered why they chose us to be associated with? And they are surely not of the same vein. Because we have a power source that we have not yet tapped fully, but is recognizable to others who want to get things DONE! I haven’t seen one gay 12 year old boy holding a gun and police shoot them, a couple driving away from the cops and having their vehicle riddled with bullets and when they finally do come to a stop – an officer jump on the hood and empties another several rounds into them. Neither have I seen a gay teenager stalked for walking in his Father’s neighborhood by some rouge vigilante and gunned down, nor have seen a car full of gay teenager’s be accosted and one of them shot for having their music turned up too loud. The list goes on and on and here we are taking up the fight for other’s when we have yet made progress in our own injustices. We as a people always take the backseat – literally! Am I saying that gay’s don’t have rights? Of course I am not saying that. God gives each of us a choice and a will that we can either submit to him or not.
Why is it that we cannot recognize that we are a chosen people? We and the Jew’s are the only people who were oppressed and not brought out by an Army because we didn’t have one nor any real chance to be emancipated and freed, except that our God did it! God allowed our enemies to fight against each other (on our behalf without understand why they were really doing it), and we walked away free, though not free of casualties, but significantly less than either side (for or against us). God did it several times for the Jews; and I will site a scripture for reference: 2 Chronicles 20:17-25. God will confuse the enemy but now it appears that we are the ones confused. We have forgotten God – believing that we delivered ourselves. Not!
And now we are going to allow our triumph through God be reduced to a movement that God is not even for. There was a price to be paid for freedom and those that came before us sought God and he delivered on that covenant.
Our children are being lost at an alarming rate and our people being persecuted in the penile system and such, racially profiled and still in need of Affirmative Action programs because we have reneged on our part to keep God first.
We have sold out and we didn’t even get to the Land of Promise. There was and hopefully still is so much more that God has for us but we have got to be self-interest – not selfish – and be concerned with our Father’s business once again, if we want to see it. We have stopped short of success because we have been infiltrated from the outside in- we befriend any and every one (at our expense). This attack is meant to divide and conquer and it is working. Perhaps the reason being is because we think that we know better than God but our status in society reflects that we know nothing at all – apart from him.
My words aren’t a rant but rather a call to arms to get our people back on track to where God was intending to take us, and we cannot get there without him.
If your feathers are ruffled – Good! If you are offended – I can understand but I must speak what God has put in my heart regardless of how YOU feel about it! Time upon this earth is growing shorter by the day and the days of my life grow even shorter and I must be about my Father’s business while there is still time and the light of day because there is a time coming when it grows dark out and no man can work. God Bless!
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What What You Say To Me & To Yourself…

Be real careful of your speech. It may be in jest to you but life and death are truly in the power of the tongue. “I m dead”, “I can’t” “Luckily” and the like thereof… Try to stop being so careless about things that really aren t important at all! Over a post? Really? We speak so frivolously against our own lives. We do have a choice – “Speak life” and other words of blessing, prosperity, healing and so on. “Many want to go to Heaven, but nobody want to die” – to themselves. We have to be an active participant in the life that we seek God to bless us with.
speak life
wise speech

A Psalm of Yolanda

Without the Bible where would we be? My guess is – clueless as to how to walk in the Lord. Nevertheless, it is a model for us to live out the pages for ourselves and not simply quote what others have done; and we not have a personal testimony of our own. We quote Psalm 23 as if it were we ourselves that walked in “green pastures” and I have never once saw a shepherd – although we interpret it metaphorically; I want my own Psalm to tell how good the Lord is to me. We must make our walk with God personal and not live vicariously through others’ lives. If you have never seen a rod and staff, then how can it comfort you – personally? We say that the Lord’s Prayer is simply a model for how we ought to approach prayer. Ok then, if so, the Bible itself is a model for how we ought to approach life itself – right? This isn’t an attempt to blaspheme or discount one jot or tittle of the Bible; however, I want to take the Lord’s word and apply it directly to MY life. I don’t want my life to be figuratively spoken but literal in every sense of the word!

(A Psalm of Yolanda)
God is my Father, I lack in no area of my life. He guides me through the pages of my life in order that I may know that he is the author and finisher of my faith.
My soul at times faint but because of the God that I serve, when I praise him, I regain my strength. And because he is faithful to his Word, I can trust where he leads me – he is faithful.
There have been times throughout my life when death seemingly was eminent; either by another’s hand or my own. I almost buckled up underneath so much pressure but your word replenished my spirit; you never left my side. In other times I caused my own detriment because I thought that I knew better than you; and when correction came I did not welcome it at first, but I have learned that you only correct those you love and who will adhere to your Word; which only blessed me the more. My greatest enemy is not from any outside sources but from within; and yet you still care for my every need.
When Pastor touched my hands with oil, I knew that it was significant and I that I had received clearance to do your will with boldness and confidence; and I have been blessed abundantly with destiny.
You have been with me as long as I can look back over my life and I know surely that I can trust you for my future. I look forward to the life that comes after this one. I was blessed when I came into this world and I will be blessed in the next one to follow – because you have and will always be with me.

The Womb

The Womb
What was once comfortable to me; that dream state of wondering what LIFE is going to be like has now turned into a self-made prison. I don’t know about you, but I am sooo ready to be birthed. But only God knows our gestational period. The space that I am in is cramped and I can hardly move about, yet until God dilates my exit, I won’t be able to push my way through; and trying to go where God hasn’t given the green light, can cause more harm than good – It might be extremely tight but it’s right – for right now. There is only so much time that I can stay in the womb before I outgrow it; so I must trust that God knows best. There is nothing more that God wants to do than to birth me into my next level of living BUT in order for a healthy birth, with less complications as possible, I must wait upon the Lord. When we think about all the transformations that take place inside of the womb – it is nothing short of a miracle. Therefore, when we think about where God is trying to take us, to break free from a life that we once knew into a life that is greater than what we ever could have ever imagined – it’s going to take that same trust in miracles. There is a world out there that many of us have never known because we think that life is only inside the womb or we are too scared to believe that there is a whole entire world that we have yet to experience. We may think that a baby cries after first entering into its new world outside of the womb because they are frightened and scared but it could be quite possible that they are crying in exhilaration that they made it to the next level; that level that they could only hear about through the muddled walls of womb (testimonies of others, hearing the word preached; but to know for yourself is an entirely different experience) – they heard but now they know that it is real! Tears of joy perhaps? In order to know, we have got to go through and come out on the other side. Afterwards the afterbirth comes and we appreciate it for giving us a place to live for a time being but we must leave it behind, it’s no more use for it where we are going. We could easily discards our past trials and tribulations just the same if we only trusted that they were only for a season and not where we were meant to stay. Can you imagine what LIFE looks like to a baby? Can you imagine what your LIFE looks like? To go from humble and meager means to traveling the world and not having issues that plague so many – like money worries or health issues? That world is out there – we just have to believe it is and have the faith that God will birth us and bring it to pass.

The Yo-Yo Experience

It’s amazing how God can take one thing and bring revelation by it; and it seemed that neither had anything to do with the other. Everyone knows I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds and it hasn’t been necessarily hard, but I had to be committed and dedicated to my walking. I cannot always eat what is best for me but I can make better choices from what I do have. No knock against anyone who has had the weight loss surgery because I tried my darnedest to have it done myself, but I know now what I didn’t know then; and that is that I would have squandered it and quite possibly regained all the weight and then some; because I would not have valued the blessings because I didn’t have to work for it. The time in effort that I put in to my walking makes me appreciate the poundage lost and I can see the work put in = my weight loss goals. At first it didn’t appear that I was losing inches, let alone pounds but I persevered in spite of what I saw. Faith without works is dead and now I get it! I could have wanted those pounds to fall off but until I got up and started moving, they would have stayed right where they were because weight loss without exercise of some sort – will not happen. We must exercise our faith! Had I not found myself on this journey I might have thought that I was doing all that I could to better myself, when in fact, there was some participation on my part to live a better life. I have yo-yoed on many diets but I have not been as successful as I have this time sans the dieting, because I didn’t t look for a quick fix but accepted my responsibility. In God we trust, but are you doing your part? Are you exercising your faith to obtain your goals?



Destitute: A state of being without friends, money or prospects.
Destitution is a very tough situation to be in.
Bring your brow down a tad-bit, level off your nose from sitting too far in the air and extend your hand to someone less fortunate than you. And don’t make them have to ask or beg for your assistance all the time. Instead – Give to those who you see in need (at least sometimes), without them having to come up to you and ask. Leave them with some respect and dignity. God does and has done the same for us on many occasions when we don’t have the strength, good sense; or lack the faith to ask. But we can build someone else’s faith by one random act of kindness. Say, “God Bless you or God laid it on my heart to do thus and so for you”. What a difference it makes in two lives – ours and theirs.
“Ask and it shall be given”. “Give and it shall be given unto you”. These are two different commandments. There are times when we are need and we must do the asking. Other times we are in the position to give. There was no stipulation to the who, whom or what we are to give because giving comes from the heart. Oftentimes, those worse off than we are; or even we ourselves know not what to ask, who to ask or how or when to ask. Give when you feel that slight tug on your heart or in your spirit. Don’t ignore an opportunity to glorify God and store one up in the heaven’s bank of credit, to be withdrawn from at a later date; because we all are going to need to take a withdrawal at one time or another – possibly for an extended period of time.
“I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg bread”. I myself have never seen one person say “No Thanks, I don’t need this help or that blessing”. On the same token I have never seen someone tell God, “I don’t need your blessings”.
Just because you don’t have the same or as great of a need as someone else; don’t dismiss their plight so easily, but realize that if it hadn’t been for the grace of God – where might you be?

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