You Are My Sunshine

The past few days have been gloomy here in North Florida.  Clouds blotted out the sun for days and it was a spirit of heaviness throughout the city and even on social media.  People who I saw personally were just in the spirit of doom and gloom and it was all because of the cold, damp, rainy and sunless days that came in tandem.  This morning our friend in the solar system called the sun returned this morning and it not only brightened the day but everyone’s spirit.  The seemingly never-ending perpetual spirit of the tag-team duo doom and gloom has lifted and life feels, sort of normal again.  Everyone that I have passed by today has mentioned the sun; giving it it’s just due as being the center of the solar system and visibility.  I have lived a life where Christ wasn’t the center of my life and I never want to experience him not being visible in my life ever again; and because his presence is crucial to both my existence and living a blessed life, I speak of him often and give him his just due.  How people choose to live without the Savior giving his light that is a lamp to our feet and a light on their paths is beyond me.  I saw what living without the sunshine can do to a person, particularly – Me! Jesus being prevalent in my life is needed even more so than the rays that bathes my skin with Vitamin D and lights my days.  I might have had to live without sunshine for a few days but I was never void of hope because Jesus is the light of my life.  Get to know him for yourself and you will never be a day without light.  He is our sunshine.



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