For Richer, For Poorer…

The LOVE of money keeps both the rich and the poor enslaved. Our enemy is no respector of who has money or not.

The rich work themselves to death to get and to keep; while the poor work themselves to death to try to be rich; both are forms of bondage.

Put your trust in God to give you exceeding and abundant, but that which is in your means to handle.

Don’t blame the money, but rather the way that YOU feel about the money.

Keep Pressing!





Do you believe that dragons and unicorns existed, or were they just fairytales?

Well, this may be surprising to some but they both once existed. Read in the Book of Job for yourself, these weren’t metaphors/parables or mythical creatures, this was God speaking.

Therefore, if we believe in them then we can also believe in the fairytales that God has spoken for our lives and the many blessings.

Faith and Trust in HIS WORD is what brings them to us.

Only God can make the Never, into Ever-Lasting…

-Keep Pressing!


Hemorrhaging Faith.

Get the tourniquet of faith out and bandage your wounds of doubt and unbelief. Because if we do not stop the hemorrhaging, soon we will be too weak to fight off the enemy and his attacks.

We must continue to press our way through whatever we think, and reach out to touch the hem of the Lord’s garment.

We must cry out in prayer while He passes by. Without the blood, we have no life. Without pleading the blood of Christ Jesus, we have no life here on this Earth worth living, and we have no hope of eternal life.

Everything is dependent upon the BLOOD! Got Blood?

Keep pressing!



Crazy Faith…

Oftentimes we have to take a glimpse back, not just in our past, but the past of those that preceeded us in order to draw strength before we can continue on forward; we are already walking in blind faith, so what could it hurt?
If you are believing God for something that you have never see done before in your or your familys’ life, then you have to step further out in FAITH.

We know that we can believe God for our bills being paid or getting a house or a car because we see those kinds of blessings manifested all day – everyday.

How many millionaires do you know?
Have you ever been to France or Italy, without having to be there for work in the Armed Services; I am talking about traveling on vacation out of the country? Believing beyond paycheck-to-paycheck.

The Israelites had never seen God move in such a manner until they saw him bring them up out of Egypt, not by might, nor by power or a sword, but by His Spirit and He was faithful to HIS WORD that He would deliver them.

NO blood was shed and they came out wealthy; all because they kept crying out to God, even when it seemed that He may not ever answer.

I encourage you today to believe God past what you already know that He can do and start believing in the unbelievable! It is not faith if you can see it or have already seen it. Keep pressing!


Ted Talks…

“Welcome To The Boardroom”

Many of us are in 1 of 3 stages.

1. Talks – “Just passively talking to God”.

2. Negotiations – “God, it’s dead serious, I need you”. “REAL TALK!”

3. Doing Business – “God says It’s done!”


When Jesus was baptized He began His (Talking) stage; just going about spreading His message.

When Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane, He began His (Negotiations)
stage; where “I must accept His will”. It’s deadly serious. I know I’m going to die, we all are. Ok, that’s dealt with…

When Jesus went to the Cross, He began His (Doing Business) stage. Ask and Believe that it’s already done. “What do I have to lose?” – “It’s Never or Death”.
“Believe your Word until I see it – or Death. It’s already a done deal then, if that’s the case.”

In the Boardroom is the time to let it all out and put everything on the table.

Come to God believing that He is… And that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

Now I think that’s a Word worth spreading… Don’t you?