I m not depressed but rather DRIVEN. No one loves a good vacation more than me, but now I realize that I have been settling… I don t want to just go and when I return – “I m back”, dreading the returning home. I want to grow homesick from being on vacation too long (that s abundance!) – I want to be engrossed in so much living of life that these days of mundane existence seem like another life-time. Temporary solutions are no longer sufficient for a life I plan to live on a long-term basis! Feed: “to give food to someone or something”. Provision: The act or process of supplying or providing something”. 2nd definition of Provision: “Something that is done in ADVANCE TO PREPARE FOR SOMETHING ELSE”. I trust God for not just to be fed, but for provision; because what he provides has already been done in ADVANCE and I am being prepared for something else. And I believe that with all of my heart and soul. Amen!REALITY CHECK AHEAD


No Guts – No Glory!!!

No Guts – No Glory! We don’t go through to receive the glory. We go through to “Give God the Glory!” Endure hard times with faith that God will get the glory from you persevering in his faithfulness. Endure good times with thankfulness and humbleness, because neither trouble nor the fun times last always. Gut it out – Stick it out – Faith it out! “And to God be the Glory!”

“That’s All Folks!”

You may or may not want to know or even care why I continue to write and post. It won’t stop me from telling you the answer that you may or may not want to know. “I don’t want to give up believing on anything” – Not in Love, Not in having hope, Not in keeping the faith in God – in that hope, one day there will be a breakthrough. Take a look around you – there is misery at every turn. Despair, suicide, depression, abuse of all kinds (drug, physical and mental – men, women and children) are prevalent in society more so than HOPE.
We see it in each other’s eyes as we pass each other by on the streets that hope has departed, just as we stare at a corpse in the casket and can see that their soul has departed – no life there. Death – alive or dead, spiritually or physically, can be visually witnessed. Even on television while we are constantly bombarded with the ups and downfalls of even the rich and famous – no one is immune to LIFE. Life is going to happen whether we like it or not and how we choose to deal with Life in and of itself is what determines our fate.
Where do we find the hope to keep on trusting that better will come when better to our satisfaction doesn’t appear at all to be truly possible? This is the crux of why I continue to write and believe – TO FIND OUT THE ANSWER. We have to know that the answer to all of our questions is in God the Creator. And he will answer those who seek his truth.
My desire is to always be willing to try. It’s hard to keep trying and failing. Successful Pastors, Life Coaches, Leaders and Speakers are needed and recruited because lack of motivation in life can set-in; and even the best of coaches and spiritual leaders have their day(s). Staying up in faith, belief and life is a lifetime affair. As long as we live – there will be life to contend with.
And so I write, I pray, I testify, I go to church, I give when I can and do for others. When none of that appears to be working, all the while I’m talking to God and giving him the praise as being God and I continue to believe that he will be the same God in my yesterday that has brought me through – “And that’s All Folks!” It’s not any deeper or more spiritual than that. “Have faith in God”.
No one may ever click on this link to read it, No one may purchase my books, I may never speak in the front of an audience in a coliseum or stadium, but I know that God has a purpose for me and that regardless of what I see manifesting or still veiled, no matter how I feel about what ever given situation or circumstance. I know that of all that I do – I must not give up TRYING. Hit the reset button in God and continue on believing! This isn’t positive talk – this is faith In God talk. There is only ONE faith. And that is in God.

Blind Bartimaeus

Blind – from birth… Needing assistance and for someone to care about your daily welfare.  Bartimaeus was and is no different than many of us – needing assistance for the simplest of decisions and well-being; financially, physically, spiritually and mentally handicapped, disabled and impaired – and for many, since birth.  Most have lived half their lives already and have yet to see the blessings of God manifested in their lives – FULLY!  Remain determined and undeterred to see it come to pass!

We are no different than Bartimaeus.  But the most important similarity is JESUS CHRIST!  The same God who healed Bartimaeus is the same God who can heal us, and bless us to see and to be made whole.

Father, I pray for financial freedom, freedom from any sickness or malady in my body and for a renewed mind and clean heart.  I won’t be shushed by those around me, but will cry out fiercely with a loud voice because I know that you, first of all hear me, and you are passing by for those who want to be healed – of all that ails us.

Had Bartimaeus sat quietly knowing within himself that he was incomplete and in need of a Savior; and unable to do anything about it himself; he would be culpable of not receiving his miracle.  Same with us… “A never spoken prayer can go unanswered”, but “A prayer spoken in humble desperateness can catch the ear of Almighty God”.

Therefore, keep speaking, praying, crying and pleading because God will answer – He will answer!  This I not only believe but I know; even before receiving!  Give him Thanks continually! He’s full of Mercy!

blind bartemaeusi heard u

Blind Bartimaeus